1% Club’s ‘The Great Escape’ sparks a movement towards Financial Literacy and Independence

16th April 2024, India: Tired of feeling like memes are the only relatable things that understand the woes of your work life? Feeling like no one truly understands the constant battle between living life and working hard for money? Well, what if I told you that someone not only heard your complaints but also came up with a solution—a fun one? The answer lies in the latest ad campaign from 1% Club! Written and conceptualized by Bare Bones Collective, the campaign features digital stars Finance with Sharan and Viraj Ghelani.

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Campaign Link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C5zqijWoZUf/?igsh=d3AwbzZyMTFtNHMz
The brand film depicts the country’s working population. People are often stuck in jobs they dislike because financial obligations like EMIs and lifestyle expenses dictate their choices and, in a way, let money control them. They find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle, working for money that ultimately fails to liberate them, instead entangling them further due to their lack of financial knowledge. The only way out is to understand how money works. 1% Club’s “The Great Escape” sees Sharan and Viraj in a familiar corporate office filled with unfamiliar comic twists. The duo play harrowed colleagues who unlock the secret of an exclusive club. What is this club’? How do we get in? The campaign leaves us with many such interesting questions!

Co-Founded by Sharan Hedge and Raghav Gupta, the ‘1% Club’ is an exclusive community that empowers people with The Money School- schools forgot to teach us about money so The 1% Club created the Money School with the help of India’s top finfluencers to teach about early retirement planning, tax saving strategies, credit card hacks, stock market investment and everything else money. They also provide proprietary tools and conduct networking events to offer a one of a kind membership experience.

The campaign is live on 1% Club’s social media platforms, which include Instagram and LinkedIn.

Talking about the campaign, Girish Narayanndass, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Bare Bones Collective, said, “1% Club is a fantastic platform that is all about helping you achieve financial freedom. To communicate this, we tapped into a larger insight, i.e. working for money all your life can make you feel trapped. Our goal was to make the campaign as unique as the product itself. Sharan and Viraj have really clicked with their comic timing, and their rapport on screen is quite fun to watch”.

Sharan Hegde, Co-Founder of 1% Club, said, “The 1% club has so far spent all its marketing budget on performance marketing, and it felt like it’s finally time, after two years, to create an extremely professional communication with the world. Everybody perceives us as a course company . This is our way of making a statement that we are here to stay. We are here to build a brand. We are here to not just teach finance but also to launch financial services. The film beautifully captures the essence of the current working-class population. It is our way of representing that the 1% club is a solution to that problem, as almost 50,000 members of our community would attest to that statement that it has been a welcoming change in being confident about their financial planning and in their understanding of money. I hope the brand film reaches as many people as possible and becomes a light bulb movement for millions of people working across the country that life doesn’t have to be a cycle of struggle.”

Raghav Gupta Co-founder 1% Club “The 1% Club is building a revolution in India through Financial freedom, every Indian deserves to get this freedom, this brand film is hitting the nerve needed to further deliver our message.”

Campaign Credits:

Brand: 1% Club.

Creative Agency: Bare Bones Collective.

Writers: Girish Narayandass, Rahul Nair.

Management Team: Swati Dua, Natasha Neroy.

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