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Get a taste of Canada with Train Rides

Looking to explore Canada from the comfort of your own armchair? Train rides are a popular way. From short hops to long journeys, these scenic rides will give you a taste of the country and some great memories. With an endless variety of train routes via rail packages and destinations to choose from, there’s sure to be a ride that ... Read More »

What Is Maintenance Cost Of Eiffel Tower?

Built in 1889, Eiffel Tower was part of the centennial celebration of the French Revolution. Not many know that Eiffel Tower was never meant to be a permanent structure. It was planned to be dismantled in 1909. Nobody would have expected at that time that the structure will survive for such a long time and emerge as one of the ... Read More »

5 Signs it’s Time to Update Your Travel Management Technology

Travel management technology is necessary for travel managers. Whether you’re managing travel for a company or a travel agent, you need to stay up to date on the latest innovations. Like all tech, technology for travel management eventually becomes outdated. In today’s world, you need to constantly re-evaluate your technology. Here’s how to tell when it’s time for a change. ... Read More »

Tips For Solo Travellers to follow this News

New Year’s is the most exciting time and a period when we get to see a lot of people travelling across the globe. The picture-perfect weather and the festive jingles add to one of the most memorable times ever. While most people are travelling to meet friends and family, this year-end also marks a great time to travel solo. “We ... Read More »

Chelsea/Paris/Rome – Enjoy a stunning city break or Spa break

The Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa, London, UK Situated on the river in upmarket Chelsea, one of London’s most prestigious areas, The Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa comes with everything required for complete relaxation – stunning river views, attentive service, spa and health club facilities, and 158 luxury suites and penthouses that offer the perfect stay in buzzing Chelsea. ... Read More »


With the coming of fall, festive spiritsslowly start enveloping the air all around the world. Chuseok— the Korean thanksgiving, is one of the representative traditional Koreanfestivals celebrated in autumn on full moon of the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Chuseok, also known as ‘Hangawi’ (한가위), is a mid-autumn harvest festival where families gather and celebrate ... Read More »

Travel Special: 5 Unique and OffBeat experiences to bookmark

for the I-Day long weekend The much awaited I-Day long weekend is just round the corner and is only looking particularly exciting with weather being so perfect! It absolutely makes sense to jump into the car and head out to try unique and offbeat experiences that you will talk about for many weekends!! Far away from the Blinding lights of ... Read More »


After two years of stringent COVID-19 travel restrictions, which have now largely eased, many are finally enjoying travel again and particularly during these months. To ensure an enjoyable trip International SOS has outlined key requirements for travel abroad. Airlines are bracing themselves for an even busier travel period, IATA recently released strong travel data from May this year which saw ... Read More »

Must have apps to plan your travel this festive season

With the upcoming festive season and hiking tourism, India is lagging nowhere in the technological framework towards providing you the best-of-time hassle-free travel. The more you are prepared for a trip, the better it gets! Here we have listed 5 such must-have applications that will not only make your travel easier, but also provide such value offers and services that ... Read More »