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Exercise the right way for health benefits

Article by Palak Dengla, Chief Physiotherapist, Aster RV Hospital Exercising is bad for the joints; thus, I don’t want to do it, according to a widely held belief. Does this sound familiar? Exercising is not damaging to your joints, according to research. In fact evidence shows that exercises strengthen the joints by generating both healthy cartilage and muscular support surrounding ... Read More »

Rising risk of cervical cancer in adolescents and younger women

Contributed by Dr. Shyam Kishore Shrivastava, Director- Radiation Oncology, HCG Cancer Centre Mumbai Cancer cervix has been culprit for large number of deaths in women. The incidence of cancer cervix is high in several parts of the world especially in low- & middle-income countries. In several countries the incidence is receding, however it is still a major health concern. Prof ... Read More »

How to channel your anger with proper exercise?

While getting angry is something that comes naturally to you, channelizing it in a proper direction can really be helpful. Whether it is a bad day, you are upset about some particular thing, or a particular person made you angry, knowing about the source of anger is equally important to channelize it. The best way to utilize the energy that ... Read More »

How to avoid dry skin issue that comes with air conditioners?

Summers can be exhausting and so does spending the entire day under the sun. But, thank God air conditioners were invented. Wait a minute! Should we really be happy that air conditioners exist? Air conditions are known for sucking out all the moisture from the air. Therefore, spending long hours sitting in an air-conditioned room can be harmful to your ... Read More »

Recovering from COVID 19 at home

Covid 19 pandemic is a never ending battle which we are still witnessing. Covid fatigue is hitting hard and it is time to include exercise and talk about our stress and anxiety. Warnings and infection rates have been swamping for months, hence it is important to hear to the experts. The deadly virus has changed people fundamentally who have been ... Read More »

Tips for managing diabetes among cancer patients

Contributed by Dr. Jitendra Pahlajani, Medical Oncology, HCG Cancer Centre Jaipur Diabetes and cancer are fatal diseases that frequently co-exist. Both can be challenging to deal with on their own. Battling both diseases at the same time may add even more stress to life. Studies have reported an increased risk of cancer diagnosis in patients with diabetes. The tumour or ... Read More »

8 Rare Cancers That Not Many Know About

Even though advanced cancer treatment options are now available, the disease continues to be a heavy burden on society. Every year, thousands of patients die from cancer across the globe. In US alone, around 600,000 patients are estimated to have died due to cancer in 2021. Some of the most common cancers are breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung and bronchus ... Read More »

10 best ways to announce your pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! It is big news that you are going to have a baby. Sharing this news can be a highlight of your early pregnancy and watching your husband, family and friends react is a lot more fun. So, do you want to share the news with your husband and family members in the best possible way? Then ... Read More »

How to detect if your wine has gone bad?

Though the general rule says that if the wine is kept open for over a week it goes bad, there are still a few exceptions to this, such as in case of dessert wines. But sometimes we become hesitant if we should consume wine or not. You might have seen experience drinkers instantly telling if the wine is in potable ... Read More »

Expecting a twin or other multiples?

 Here’s how to take good care of yourself and your babies Authored by Dr. Bharati Kamoji, Sr. Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Aster CMI Hospital Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful journeys in women’s life. Sometimes a twin or triplet pregnancy just happens and it can be a surprise for expecting parents. It is common to feel anxious, scared ... Read More »