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*Nikki Tamboli, the Star that many top Mega fashion brands are betting on*

The world has witnessed major changes to those represent the heart of fashion in recent years. Fashion brands have caught on quickly to the power that actresses that are fashion influencers can have when it comes to generating buzz around their collection launches following which Nikki Has Quickly Become a Brand Favorite with multiple Advertisements in her Pocket. The talented ... Read More »

Nikita Rawal goes green, photoshoot with vegetables Viral on internet

Who would have thought green vegetables could be so alluring. Garam Masala Actress Nikita Rawal is promoting vegetarianism. Nikita, who is seen wearing an outfit made entirely of lettuce leaves and other vegetables. Nikita Rawal is playing a huge part in many life toying with the idea of going plant-based. While veganism has become a major health and wellness mainstay ... Read More »

Miss Teen India announces the winners of Miss Teen India Pageant 2022

Miss Teen India organizers are delighted to announce the winner of the 2022 edition of Miss Teen India. This is the first-ever Pageant to be held online. The contestants self-trained with our training Videos and we were exuberant to see a magnificent performance. Different location shoots were another unique online experience for them added Mr. Amarlal G Nichani the MD ... Read More »

Why Backless Bra is more in Demand?

What does a backless bra usually entail? It is a clever invention. The benefits of a backless bra are its concealability, comfort for the breasts, creation of a natural shape and design, and suitability for larger busts. They are without straps. They have no back at all, or they might have a low, barely perceptible back. Everyone can use a ... Read More »

Actress Nikita Rawal newspaper dress goes viral; check out here

Popular Bollywood actor Nikita Rawal has been raising the temperature on social media with her stunning, sexy and hot photos which have been breaking the Internet as well and going viral in no time. Nikita Rawal who got fame through films like Garam Masala and Amma ki Boli. She is very active on social media and regularly posts pictures and ... Read More »

Bespoke Gold Watches

The process of customizing a bespoke luxury watch is indeed an art. Each watch echoes the possessor’s characteristics and connotes its own story through the dial. One can also get watch backs monogrammed with texts and engravings to convey the emotion or message. Numerous watch connoisseurs approach with monograms, coins and motifs of personal significance that they want to turn ... Read More »

How Ed-Tech Platform AAFT Online is Providing Skills for Fashion Designing Students to Grow in the Industry?

India is the second largest exporter of apparel globally. The global fashion industry is estimated at roughly $3 trillion currently and continues to grow at a steady rate. Every day, 3000 billion textile and apparel companies make their way into the market. Therefore, as a fashion designing student, you must have the skills to thrive in the industry, whether you ... Read More »

Monsoon Styling Tips For Men And Women

 By Divya Aggarwal, Co-Founder KZ07  The days of long gloomy hours followed by a cool, gentle breeze are here. In simple words, the rainy season is back which means, one may get to revamp their wardrobes. Get onboard the sporty athleisure trend for ease and comfort. Wondering how to take your wardrobe for a spin with some inspiration? Ahead are a few ... Read More »