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Why Kids Should Not Skip Breakfast

Many times, almost all of you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is not just a saying; there is overwhelming evidence to support this statement. This is especially true for children. Eating breakfast on time has been proved to be important for kids as it improves their behavior, performance, and concentration power in school. ... Read More »

Things to remember before stepping into motherhood: Sonia Rai Vaid

An event was organised for the pregnant ladies who are about to start their motherhood journey at Dr. Bandana Sodhi’s Clinic in Safdarjung Enclave. In the event Dr. Bandana Sodhi and Sonia Rai, birth coach, prenatal yoga instructor and a lactation counselor invited many pregnant ladies and gave session on Labor pain, which is the most common fear of all ... Read More »

How single parenting affects college students

Growing up in a single-parent family places you at a more educational disadvantage today than it did around 40 years ago, as claimed by a new study. According to a paper published in last week, academic journal Education Next teenagers living in single-parent families had completed fewer 1.32 years of schooling than their friends of two-parent families. For 24-year-olds who ... Read More »

Expecting a twin or other multiples?

 Here’s how to take good care of yourself and your babies Authored by Dr. Bharati Kamoji, Sr. Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Aster CMI Hospital Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful journeys in women’s life. Sometimes a twin or triplet pregnancy just happens and it can be a surprise for expecting parents. It is common to feel anxious, scared ... Read More »

When the baby is in the NICU – Guidelines for parents

The rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic has caused particular concern for pregnant women and newborns. The phase is challenging, but for parents, there might be a small positive ray of hope. There are many factors, which influence premature births, and getting a new life by fighting against all odds is a miracle. NICU is like an artificial womb where hardly any ... Read More »

How divorce affects the healthy development of children

Divorce is a heavily coined word for many. The emotional bond, mental and financial stability, and many other positive things for which a couple takes nuptial vows come to a standstill when one or both the persons involved in a marriage called off for a divorce. Not only it cast a shadow in their own relationship but it also creates ... Read More »

How to engage your toddlers in different activities

If you have toddlers at home, you would agree to the fact that loves to spend their time sitting on a couch in front of some sort of screen. Instead of going for any outdoor activity or playing a board game, they prefer to play games online. In many cases, slowly gradually digital devices are stealing childhood and innocence from ... Read More »