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All-inclusive return fares start at INR 26,499 for Economy, INR 64,999 for Premium Economy, and INR 99,999 for Business Class  Mumbai, 15 September 2023: Vistara, India’s finest full-service carrier and a joint venture of Tata group and Singapore Airlines, announced daily non-stop flights between Delhi and Hong Kong, starting 29 October 2023. The airline will operate its A321neo aircraft featuring a ... Read More »

Delvitech launches Optical Inspection Systems production in India

The manufacturing facility of Delvitech will nestle in Velankani Technology Park, representing a further confirmation of the strategic importance of India in Delvitech’s development plans. Vasanth Kumar, COO of DelvitechAl Vision Systems India Pvt Ltd and Roberto Gatti, CEO of Delvitech SA, announced the beginning of automated optical inspection systems manufacturing in India, marking a significant milestone in the company’s ... Read More »

Waste King helps Hightown keep its carbon footprint to a minimum

Hightown Housing Association (HHA) has increased its commitment to working with Waste King to improve the efficiency and cleanliness of its waste collection and disposal processes, while also being environmentally friendly and keeping the charitable housing association’s carbon footprint to a minimum. HHA currently manages over 8,000 homes – supporting over 16,000 residents – including operating more than 90 care ... Read More »

What is the minimum CIBIL score required for Business Loans?

There is no fixed answer to this, as business loan is a vast category that consists of various types of credit facilities and loan products. The minimum CIBIL score required shall depend upon several factors, such as business and loan type, collateral required or not, loan amount, etc. There are few types of business loans wherein no CIBIL score is ... Read More »

Cerevelem Services, the subsidary of Cerevelem Group, global conglomerate has its Indian branch based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh in India that provides Accounting and Audit Services

Cerevelem Services provides accounting, audit, taxation, and management consulting services. They provide services to many of the world’s best companies and brands, including Fortune 500 and thousands of multinational companies. Cerevelem Services is amongst the top consulting firms in the world with more than 500,000 employees. Cerevelem Services had been divided into smaller firms for a better global autonomous management. ... Read More »

Unleashing the Financial Potential of Gold Loans Across Economic Strata

કેપરી રવિશ ગુપ્તા, બિઝનેસ હેડ – ગોલ્ડ લોન નાણાકીય સુરક્ષા અને સ્થિરતા સતત મેળવવા સોનાની શાશ્વત ચમક વ્યૂહાત્મક કે મહત્વપૂર્ણ સંપત્તિના વર્ગ તરીકે વધી છે. પેઢીઓથી સોનું નાણાકીય વિવેકનો વારસો ધરાવે છે, જે અનિશ્ચિતતાના સમયગાળા દરમિયાન મજબૂત આધાર પૂરો પાડે છે. એનું આંતરિક મૂલ્ય, લૌકિક અને ભૌગોલિક સરહદોથી પાર એનું મહત્વ વધવું – આ પરિબળોએ સોનાને સ્વીકાર્ય અને વિવિધતાસભર સંસાધન ... Read More »

Sustainability and Tech: Top 5 Interior Startups using AR & VR to Design Eco-Friendly Commercial Spaces

In an era marked by the powerful convergence of sustainability and cutting-edge technology, a new wave of interior design startups is spearheading a transformative shift in the world of commercial spaces. These forward-thinking companies are harnessing the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to craft environmentally conscious and visually captivating environments that not only leave clients in ... Read More »

Streamlining CCSS Certification: Liminal Partners with Confide to Introduce Comprehensive E-Book – ‘Implementation Guide for a Full System’

New Delhi / Dubai / New Zealand, September 11, 2023: In an era of rapid technological advancement, security, and compliance remain paramount concerns for businesses in the digital asset age. Addressing this problem, wallet infrastructure and custody solutions platform ‘Liminal’ has joined hands with Confide, a leading Cryptocurrency Security Standard Auditor (CCSSA) organization to launch a comprehensive e-book that provides ... Read More »

Elitesoft & Makanak Express cooperate for E-commerce and Delivery service in UAE

Elitesoft, a leading Dubai-based software development company, and Makanak Express, a delivery company that is part of Al Mehmood group-Sharjah, has signed an MOU for cooperation to provide an end-to-end food ordering and delivery service in the Emirate of Sharjah. Through this cooperation, Elitesoft own Ebkar Market place App will be integrated with Makanak Express system and will offer a ... Read More »

Navigating the Future of IT Management: A Deep Dive into AIOps and its Promise

Businesses and organizations rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to drive innovation, deliver seamless user experiences, and ensure operational efficiency. However, the complexity and scale of modern IT environments pose significant challenges to traditional IT management approaches. This is where Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) comes into play as a transformative solution with the promise of revolutionizing IT management. ... Read More »