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Gambling industry trends in 2023: an overview from Slotegrator

The gambling industry is expected to keep growing in 2023. Leading European associations predict an average increase in market growth of 7% and an increase in global gambling industry revenues of 34%. What tools do companies need to keep up with the trend? Slotegrator shares expert advice. The online gambling industry has always been defined by innovation, and 2023 should ... Read More »

Why These Pension Schemes in India Are the Best for You?

You can never anticipate what lies ahead of you. The unpredictability of life with the recent development of COVID-19 has forced us to think about protecting ourselves and our loved ones. The present time has made it crucial to plan for a secure future. Indeed, you can’t escape unforeseen situations, but you can always be prepared for them. It is ... Read More »

Enterprises Can Aim to Become Sustainable by Reaching for the ‘Cloud’

Sustainability is no longer restrained to some criteria in some verticals. Sustainability now has a wider and customized approach for all verticals, including technology such as the cloud. The whole idea of the move towards adopting a sustainable cloud is achieving a net-zero carbon impact by reducing carbon emissions and creating responsible innovations. With the increase in data storage and ... Read More »

The evolution of the Indian economy in 2022-2023 according to Mandhir Singh Todd

In an economic context that has been globally complex, where many countries have experienced record inflationary numbers, India not only manages to avoid the prolonged inflationary scenario, but also, according to studies, it is on its way to becoming the economy of fastest growing in the world, according to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Mandhir Singh Todd explains everything ... Read More »

What Cloud Business Trends to Look Forward to in 2023?

The benefits of being a part of cloud technology have been attracting organizations of all sizes, especially in the post-pandemic world. As more and more technologies like artificial intelligence, (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and, remote and hybrid working are being supported on a day-to-day basis by the cloud, the need and popularity are on an upward move every ... Read More »

How MSPs Can Bridge the IT Talent Gap Companies seeking to hire tech talent are facing a perfect storm.

Organizations across sectors are experiencing a sudden surge in demand for digital client services due to the pandemic and the changes it has brought. Meanwhile, recruiting and retaining IT professionals has never been more challenging. A new survey reveals that nearly three-quarters (73%) of senior IT leaders agree that acquiring IT talent has never been more challenging. Recent workplace trends ... Read More »

“Writing should be with the aim of making a positive change in society,” says entrepreneur and columnist Vaibhav Maloo.

He says that anyone can be a writer, but the ones, whose content brings a massive change in society can be called influential ones. To have broad visions of attaining massive name, recognition and success is one thing, but to have the courage, grit, passion, positive mental fortitude, and the attitude of learning something new each day to turn those ... Read More »

Spider Tanks (SILK): A Play2Earn Gaming Ecosystem of NFTs, Players, and Developers

What are Spider Tanks and what role does SILK token play? Spider Tanks is a Play2Earn ecological network of NFT holders, players, and game developers. Players can earn Victory Points by playing Spider Tanks matches, buying and selling game equipment NFTs, and exchanging Victory Points from the game for SILK REWARDS. This PvP brawler game allows players to enjoy multiple ... Read More »

5 traits of a future ready HRtech software

In order to provide organisations with the best human capital and achieve the best results, human resource management (HR) deals with people. It must also ensure that employees have a better working environment. As we deal with the effect of post-pandemic, businesses are embracing the idea of remote labour more and more. Furthermore, finding, attracting, hiring, and retaining people who ... Read More »