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The Evolution of Schooling in India – A Reflection

The National Education Policy, published in 2020, explains that providing universal access to high-quality education is the key to India’s continued ascent, and leadership on the global stage in terms of economic growth, social justice, and equality, scientific advancement, national integration, and cultural preservation. While we must be proud of the great progress India has made towards the goal of ... Read More »

3 types of simplification problems

Mathematics is an effective method of encouraging logical reasoning and building mental discipline. It will undoubtedly help you in your career and increase your problem-solving skills. Many bank exams consist of quantitative reasoning questions. After all, there are different mathematics concepts, one of which is a simplification. As the name suggests, simplification helps simplify mathematical problems with various types, such ... Read More »

Internet Scholars launches Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Internet Scholars took the charge to cover the loopholes in the digital marketing training Industry by launching a broad array of Digital Marketing Courses which are delivered under expert guidance and being shaped by the practical training modules. They are sworn to shift Digital Marketing training from books and board to platforms and tools. Internet Scholars offer a class of ... Read More »

In-Person complimentary Mega Career Guidance Session in Delhi

Join the complimentary 3 hours open Career Guidance Session where the Career Counsellors, HR Head & Academic head will guide students & fresher and create awareness among the people, as getting employable is a significant concern though the options are many. It is a need of the hour to create awareness among the students and Fresher to make them employable. ... Read More »

Securing Remote Workers Are Essential

On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) deemed COVID-19 a public health emergency. The pandemic had an ongoing impact on every aspect of human existence. The COVID outbreak has compelled companies worldwide to embrace a culture of working from home. Although this change, like work, has some advantages, it has also raised questions about the security of remote ... Read More »

Why a career in Animation needs a focused training curriculum

Animation is a multibillion-dollar sector that has created a wide range of work possibilities, from technology-based positions like scanning, compositing, digital ink and paint, and game design to creative jobs like visual-effects supervisors, 3D modellers, and character animators. India is also gaining popularity and is already being considered as a key player in international animation production. This crucial role comes ... Read More »

Best internships for students in the field of IT

Internships are no longer an option for students, they are essential to gain relevant skills and become job ready. Nowadays, receiving a degree from a college is not enough to land a good job. Your CV must show your skills, additional efforts during the course and knowledge about the industry. The rapid technological advancements in the IT sector with the ... Read More »

5 Ways to Improve Hiring and Training of New Talent

Hiring new resources is a risky task that requires sound judgment calls and excellent interviewing techniques to make the right decision. Apart from reviewing resumes and checking credentials, the interviewer has to assess the candidate’s psychology and motivations for the job. Hiring new employees is also the only way owners can bring innovation to their business model. Before providing an ... Read More »