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Best internships for students in the field of IT

Internships are no longer an option for students, they are essential to gain relevant skills and become job ready. Nowadays, receiving a degree from a college is not enough to land a good job. Your CV must show your skills, additional efforts during the course and knowledge about the industry. The rapid technological advancements in the IT sector with the ... Read More »

5 Ways to Improve Hiring and Training of New Talent

Hiring new resources is a risky task that requires sound judgment calls and excellent interviewing techniques to make the right decision. Apart from reviewing resumes and checking credentials, the interviewer has to assess the candidate’s psychology and motivations for the job. Hiring new employees is also the only way owners can bring innovation to their business model. Before providing an ... Read More »

How Ed-Tech Platform AAFT Online is Providing Skills for Fashion Designing Students to Grow in the Industry?

India is the second largest exporter of apparel globally. The global fashion industry is estimated at roughly $3 trillion currently and continues to grow at a steady rate. Every day, 3000 billion textile and apparel companies make their way into the market. Therefore, as a fashion designing student, you must have the skills to thrive in the industry, whether you ... Read More »

What do employers look for while hiring freshers?

TeamLease Edtech Career Outlook Report addresses the pertinent question The report aims to guide freshers and job seekers on what to anticipate regarding the job hunt between July and December 2022. It highlights the high-demand job roles, the core and associated skills required for such roles. 22nd September, 2022: TeamLease EdTech, India’s leading EdTech Solutions Company, recently identified the Top ... Read More »

Everything You Need To Know About Interviewer Resume

If you choose to work as an interviewer, you will have to provide a perfect CV to get the job. Since the job is to find the best employees for a company. So what are the different parts of an interviewer’s CV? After reading this section, you will have all the skills you need to land a job as an ... Read More »

Want to study abroad: These platforms are enabling the best scholarships for overseas education

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs reports that 11,33,749 Indian students went abroad as of July 2021, Over 91% of Indian students expressed a significant desire in studying overseas as soon as they were given the opportunity, despite the pandemic taking over. Are you also eager to study abroad? Are you motivated by a desire to travel and work abroad? But not ... Read More »

Animation as a career

Over the past few years, and with the rapid rise in tech adoption in entertainment and film making process, Animation as has grown widely. From being used sparsely and only in sci-fi or select genre of movies and non-entertainment formats, it is now found place in wider areas, from full-fledged movies and series to application in business and education. The ... Read More »

This Is Why People Are Loving Quitting Jobs To Become Influencers.

The record-breaking number of people quitting their jobs since the start of the pandemic is referred to as The Great Resignation, a term coined in 2021. Many people have concluded that their work-life balance has become more essential after spending a significant amount of time working from home without commuting. Numerous studies have shown that the pandemic is the main ... Read More »

6 Free Ways To Earn Money Online From Home

Working from home has become more and more popular in recent years. And it’s no wonder! With the technological advances we’ve made, it’s now easier than ever to make money online from the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for ways to earn money online from home, there are a number of options available to you, and in ... Read More »