Which Is Best Bare Aluminium Wire Manufacturer In Delhi?

If you are looking for bare aluminium wire, one of the best options you can consider is Bansal Dhatu Udyog. Located in Bawana Industrial Area, Bansal Dhatu Udyog supplies bare aluminium wire in Delhi-NCR and other locations across India. The company is known for its high quality aluminium wire drawing products as well as affordable pricing.

Bare aluminium wire manufactured by Bansal Dhatu Udyog can be used for various purposes. The company manufactures a comprehensive range of products, some of which are described below.

Fine bare aluminium wire – This is manufactured in various gauges (diameter) to suit specific requirements. The thickness can be in the range of 34 Gauge (0.23 mm) to 19 Gauge (1.02 mm). Bansal Dhatu Udyog can also manufacture fine bare aluminium wire based on exact specifications provided by the client.

Fine bare aluminium wire has a silver metallic finish to it, which comes from the addition of other elements such as zinc, nickel and copper. These additions give the wire more durability and make it long lasting. With its silver finish, fine bare aluminium wire can be used for various purposes such as jewelry making, beading, DIY projects and art and science projects. These are also suitable for manufacturing electrical wiring, motor winding, strings for musical instruments, paper clips, etc.

Bare aluminium wire conductor (Aluminium conductor) – Bansal Dhatu Udyog has several years of experience in manufacturing bare aluminium conductor wire. There are various types of aluminium conductor wire, which are classified based on parameters such as size, weight and current carrying capacity. The wires are accordingly codenamed such as Mole, Squirrel, Weasel, Rabbit, Raccoon, Dog, Dog-up, Coyote, Wolf, etc.

Bansal Dhatu Udyog manufactures a comprehensive range of aluminium conductor wires and also caters to customization requests placed by the client. Bansal Dhatu Udyog has clients across varied sectors such as power, energy & infrastructure and construction.

Why Choose Bansal Dhatu Udyog?

With Bansal Dhatu Udyog, you can derive a range of benefits. You can be assured about the quality of bare aluminium wire you are buying. The company sources raw materials from reliable suppliers and has a dedicated quality check and quality control system in place. Advanced machinery is used for the manufacturing of bare aluminium wire, which ensures consistent quality throughout the production cycle. Every batch of finished product is thoroughly tested before it is shipped to the client. With Bansal Dhatu Udyog, you can also be assured about getting the most affordable rate for bare aluminium wire.

How to order bare aluminium wire in Delhi?

You can place your order for bare aluminium wire by contacting Bansal Dhatu Udyog at:

Email – bansaldhatu@gmail.com

Mob – 9711526335 / 9899218811 / 9999068126

Address – J-139, Sector 2, Bawana Industrial Area, Delhi 110039

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