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Put a stop to unnecessary hysterectomies, say doctors

While hysterectomies have seen a reduction in Western countries with doctors favouring more conservative approaches, in India these have become the second most common procedure performed by obstetricians and gynaecologists after the caesarean section. The number of hysterectomies done in India continues to rise despite there being no concrete reason for conducting the procedure. Women are getting their uterus removed ... Read More »

Top 10 myths and facts about brain tumour

Dr. Shantling Nigudgi, Sr. Consultant Radiation Oncology, HCG Cancer Centre, Kalaburagi The brain, the most complex structure in the human body, is like a cornucopia of various emotions, memories, thought processes, motor skills, and senses, literally regulating every moment of our life. However, the tiniest anomaly or abnormality in this vital part of the body can lead to significant health ... Read More »

Importance of early treatment of brain stroke

Authored by Dr. Sreekanta Swamy, Head of Neurology, Aster RV Hospital, JP Nagar, Bangalore Stroke or paralysis is a debilitating disease of the brain. Nearly 20 million people are affected all over the world, causing 5 million deaths per year and leaving the remaining with variable disabilities. It is more commonly seen in third world countries. Although a majority (nearly ... Read More »

Is your child’s headache a warning sign of brain tumour?

Headaches amongst children is a common phenomenon, indicated by frequent complaints of pain in their heads or necks. This can be caused due to dehydration, infections such as the flu, allergies, eyesight issues, or not eating enough. Although these headaches may last a few minutes or hours, children may be unable to accurately describe the pain and are more likely ... Read More »

Postpartum depression: Tackle it better with these steps

Postpartum depression: Tackle it better with these step! If you are a new mother and finding it difficult to understand your overwhelming emotions after having your baby, you are not alone. While your newest member is sure to bring a smile on your face with its cooing and babbling, uncoordinated throwing of arms and legs, turning over and every other ... Read More »

Use of Growth Hormone in Prader – Willi Syndrome

Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a variable and complex genetic neurobehavioral disorder resulting from abnormality on the 15th chromosome. It occurs in males and females equally. Prevalence estimates range from 1:15,000 to 1:25,000. PWS typically causes low muscle tone, short stature if not treated with growth hormone, cognitive deficits, incomplete sexual development, problem behaviours, and excessive, uncontrolled feeling of hunger which, ... Read More »

Lingerie Decoded: Things You Should Know About Your Lingerie

Lingerie has become such an essential part of every woman’s daily routine that it is no longer just about sensuality, but also evolved to be an everyday necessity. Lingerie has advanced over the years and grown with the times. What’s interesting though is that it has its own fascinating history. We’ve curated a list of fun facts we’re sure you ... Read More »

Couples and their changed Relationship dynamics post the pandemic

The pandemic changed everything yet nothing! Love and relationships have always been a dynamic play of contrasting and evolving opinions, but if there is one thing that saw a massive shift in the pandemic, it has to be an individual’s personal space. Confined into one house with restricted private space and time, fueled differences between many couples making them re-think the concept of ... Read More »

Oral Cancer: Here’s Why You Should Quit Tobacco for A Healthy Life

Smoking, chewing or snuffing tobacco and nicotine-based products may be perceived as ‘cool’ for some onlookers, but it is not, and these leaves in any form, be it cigarettes, cigars, snuff can play havoc with one’s health, at any age! Tobacco is a widespread epidemic costing millions of lives worldwide annually and it may be astonishing that even those exposed ... Read More »