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What To Do If Your Friend Does Not Return Your Money?

In our social setup, it is common to see people requesting monetary assistance. Request for money can come from various people such as our friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. We often feel compelled to help such people, as we consider it a moral duty. Also, there’s the thought that we could face a similar situation in the future. While giving ... Read More »

Pterygium (Surfer’s Eye): What Causes it and its Symptoms

Pterygium is an eye condition popularly known as surfer’s eye because surfers work in the same conditions that cause pterygium- windy/humid. Once your eyes are affected by pterygium, the vision gets hampered, and sight becomes blurry. In this blog, you will discuss about pterygium and what causes the condition. Pterygium: An Insight Pterygium, which is pronounced as tur-IJ-ee-um, affects the ... Read More »

The Impact of Indoor Air Quality on Health

  Our perceptions of our homes, workplaces, schools, retail establishments, and other shared private or public spaces have altered since the year 2020. The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic around the world has forced us to change how we interact with one another, go about our daily lives, and use our spare time. The increase in the amount of time ... Read More »

Finding Dubai’s culinary treasures: Sanjeev Nanda’s Miss Tess, Billionaire Mansion, and more

If there’s a truly global city anywhere in the world, it most certainly is Dubai. It’s not just a melting pot of various nationalities, but also a confluence of numerous cultures and cuisines. While there are several restaurants in the city while have made a name for themselves across the globe, there remain some gems which, although not much famous ... Read More »

Adrenal Gland Cancer: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Most of us are conscious about maintaining a healthy metabolism and continuously worry managing our weight gains and the stress that one takes while managing their metabolism. But are we aware that taking care of one single gland in our body can help us in managing both the metabolism as well as stress at the same time. Adrenal gland which ... Read More »

The role of robotic assisted treatments for endometrial cancer

Endometrial Cancer means cancer of the uterine lining. It can be of various histological types mainly divided into two categories –          Low Risk – Endometrial Aenocarcinoma –          High Risk – Serious Carcinoma, clear all carcinoma etc Besides these, there are some tumors arising from other layers of the uterus like carcinosarcoma, Endometrial stromal sarcoma, Leiomyosarcoma etc. Epidemiology/ Causes Incidence in India is increasing due to lifestyle changes associated with higher ... Read More »

Humble stethoscope can diagnose heart defects in children with 95% accuracy, finds study

The research, conducted at Amrita Hospital, Kochi, found that stethoscope could avoid unnecessary use of the more expensive investigations like echocardiography and allow for substantial reductions in healthcare costs Mumbai. September 28, 2022: Listening to heart sounds with the traditional stethoscope can distinguish with a high degree of accuracy hearts that are normal from those with defects, a study conducted ... Read More »


Korean Cultural Centre India is going to introduce a special ‘Korean Traditional Wedding ceremony at the two day Korean cultural fest ‘ Rang De Korea’ on (Sat, Sun) 15th – 16th Oct at DLF Avenue Saket, New Delhi. Wedding is always a joyous occasion, filled with happiness, and hope. Korea and India both having the same values put a lot ... Read More »

Gut health and its impact on immunity and ageing

The majority of us are aware of the concept of “gut health” and understand its importance to our overall wellbeing. But what exactly does having a healthy gut mean? Our gut is a home to millions of microorganisms, with about 1000 distinct species, including various types of viruses, bacteria, yeast and other fungal bodies. Some of these microorganisms are harmful ... Read More »