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Budding Conservationists

As part of the course ‘Conservation and Society’, a group of students from FLAME University took a field trip to the outskirts of the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary on April 1, 2023. The objective was to observe the implementation of community-based conservation. The Wildlife Research and Conservation Society (WRCS) has been running a community-based conservation program in the Koyna-Chandoli corridor for ... Read More »

The Role of HR technology in preventing layoffs

Layoffs hurt employees’ morale and productivity, damage the company’s reputation, and make it hard to find and retain the best talent in the market. Every company should avoid layoffs for long-term success. Unfortunately, the current economic slowdown is a heavy blow for many companies due to demand fluctuations in the past few quarters. As consumer demand recedes, many organizations would ... Read More »

what to do after 12th instead of enginnering and medical study

After completing 12th grade, there are numerous career paths you can consider besides engineering and medical studies. Here are a few alternative options worth exploring: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA): Pursuing a BBA can provide you with a strong foundation in business principles and management. It opens up opportunities in fields like marketing, finance, human resources, entrepreneurship, and consulting. ... Read More »

Effort and academic success

“But I worked really hard; I don’t think my grade is in keeping with the effort I put into this assignment.” All faculty members are likely to have heard some version of these statements through the course of their teaching experience. If you are among the lucky few who have yet to hear the chatter of this nature, you are ... Read More »

Alte University:Top Ranked Medical University in Georgia

When it comes to pursuing higher education, selecting the right university is crucial for a successful academic journey. One institution that stands out in Georgia is Alte University. Alte University is a private university in Georgia that was founded in 2002. Alte University is ranked as the top medical university in Georgia. With its commitment to academic excellence, innovative research, ... Read More »

International Centre For Cultural Excellence (ICCE) Revolutionizes Music Education: Unveiling World-Class Programs and Internationally Acclaimed Certification for Kids

International Centre For Cultural Excellence (ICCE), a leading EdTech start-up, is making waves in the education industry with its exceptional music education programs and internationally acclaimed certification for school children. With a strong focus on school collaborations, ICCE aims to reach a maximum number of students worldwide, providing them with access to high-quality music education and fostering their artistic talents. ... Read More »

How Preschools are Benefiting from Animation in Education?

Animation is one of the primary techniques used to improve the learning experience, and technology integration in education has grown in popularity in recent years. With its attractive visuals, interactive features, and capacity to captivate young learners, animation has become more popular in preschools as a useful instructional tool. Preschools are utilizing technology to improve the immersiveness, engagement, and effectiveness ... Read More »

7 lesser-known but highly rewarding tech roles IT students and professionals can pursue

The world is gradually transitioning into a digital era with the rapid advancement of technology, altering the way we function. As a consequence, the significance and demand for information technology have grown to a new extent. IT experts are accountable for devising, executing, and preserving technological systems and solutions that aid businesses and organizations of various natures. Whether it’s software ... Read More »