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The Rise of Serverless Cloud

Revolutions in the technology field are often driven by the emergence of new technologies. The pandemic has not only challenged the modern world but also created a humongous opportunity to revolutionize. However, creating something valuable and profitable is the ultimate goal of any technical revolution. Cloud computing has been experiencing a period of anomalous growth, several factors have been responsible ... Read More »

How 5G Could Affect Flights?

5G has had its fair share of criticism, controversies and conspiracy theories. However, much of it was set aside and 5G was given the green signal. Now, just as 5G is starting to be deployed at various locations across the globe, the aviation industry has sounded an alarm bell. Around ten airline companies in US have raised objections against deployment ... Read More »

How can you fix the iPhone’s personal hotspot from going slow?

Speaking of fixing iPhone’s hotspot, let’s first understand what it is. So, the personal hotspot is a VPN app specifically designed to share your cellular data with other devices. But often the usage of Hotspot restricts the user from experiencing high-speed internet services. Not only it’s frustrating, but also it affects your efficiency, especially when working on tight schedules. Without ... Read More »

How To Detect Hidden Cameras?

Technology has its benefits, but it has also created its own set of problems. One aspect of technology advancement is miniaturization, which offers numerous benefits in our daily life. Products like smartphones, compact laptops, smartwatches, etc. are some good examples. However, miniaturization is something that is also being misused. For example, cameras have become so compact that they can be ... Read More »

Protecting Data at Rest vs Data in Motion

Protecting sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, or healthcare data, has become a requirement for most businesses collecting and processing these types of data. To preserve the competitive advantage, companies must protect their sensitive information from both malicious outsiders and careless insiders. Depending on its movements, data can be found in three states: data at rest, ... Read More »

Best ways to keep your Laptop from overheating

Many Laptop owners have experienced the overheating of laptop and it is pretty common as well. But this doesn’t imply that the machine has some serious issues because there are some ways to cool it down. Let’s look at some easy ways to keep your laptop from overheating: Check and clean the fans: Mostly laptops overheat because the fan on ... Read More »

7 defence industry innovations that remind us of Skynet

Probably you are wrong if you suspect that Skynet cannot exist in the real world. Dangers of artificial intelligence have been shown in various stories and films. And it is impossible to ignore Skynet in the movie Destroyer. Once it was mentioned by Stephen Hawking that the development of full artificial intelligence would spell the end of the human race. ... Read More »

5 of the cutest robot pets you will ever meet

A real pet comes with huge responsibilities and expenses. But if you’re looking for a fuzzy little companion, why don’t you get a robot pet? Nowadays, parents are aware of the benefits of getting their child a robotic pet instead of a real one. Here we are sharing our views on the 5 of the cutest robot pets you will ... Read More »

Why Are There So Many Programming Languages?

It was in the 1940s that the world’s first programming language named Plankalkül was developed. The first programming language launched commercially was FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslation) in 1956. Since then, a number of new programming languages have come into existence. The list is pretty long including most common programming languages like Cobol, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Python, ... Read More »

5 Android smartphone hacks that will change your life

Nowadays smartphones have gone to and advanced extent than ever. The android phones we are using nowadays has everything and pack features like dual-cameras, fingerprint lock screen, heart rate monitors, IR blaster and what not. You probably don’t have awareness about every hack that’s instilled in your smartphone. You’ve no idea what your phone could od for you. Mentioned below ... Read More »