[24]7.ai announces three new Community Development Programs to strengthen its commitment to Meghalaya

Programs launched by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Meghalaya Shri Conrad K. Sangma

  • Skilling 100 youths with the required skill sets to access job opportunities in the BPO sector.
  • Women empowerment programs to equip local women with vocational skills.
  • Project Nirmalya to set up around 50 clean and portable toilets in Government schools.

National, August 25, 2023: [24]7.ai, a global leader in intent-driven customer solutions and contact center services, today announced the launch of three unique community development programs (Project Udaan, Project Nirmalya and Women empowerment initiatives), as part of its continued and unwavering commitment to the growth and development of the state of Meghalaya.

[24]7.ai was the 1st to set up international BPO operations in Shillong two years ago and has since expanded operations to offer both direct and indirect employment opportunities for youth across the state. [24]7.ai aims to be an employer of choice, with a strong commitment to providing local talent with a unique opportunity to work for global Fortune 500 companies while still living in their home state. It has invested in creating a vibrant 25,000 sq. ft. facility at Shillong Technology Park and has constantly engaged with young talent to shape them into successful professionals.

The Company is now looking at further investing in Meghalaya through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives under the [24]7.ai Foundation. As part of its ambition to put Meghalaya on the global IT/ITES map, the company will invest in creating an eco-system of industry-ready BPO professionals. As part of the skilling initiative, Project Udaan, local youth will gain expertise in harnessing new technology, enabling them to be job ready and elevate customer experience in the BPO sector.

The youth will be put through an intensive 20-day training program, which will leverage [24]7.ai’s in-house training expertise in the BPO sector to equip them to be industry ready and enable financial independence. The curriculum is tailored to offer individualized feedback and will help address the language barriers that youth from underprivileged communities may face. The certificate awarded at the end of the training period will enhance employability, including at [24]7.ai, where they will be offered roles on passing the requisite criteria and tests.

In addition, [24]7.ai also extends its support to women through its empowerment initiatives. By offering training in diverse fields, such as Tally, office administration, desktop publishing, driving, tailoring, and beautician services, the company is working towards promoting women’s economic independence in Meghalaya.

A third project that has been launched is Project Nirmalya which seeks to address the pressing issue of children dropping out of government schools due to the lack of proper sanitation facilities. By constructing portable clean toilets for students, the project aims to improve attendance and create a conducive learning environment. Currently, 14 toilets have been installed across 5 schools. [24]7.ai aspires to raise this number to around 50 toilets by the end of the fiscal year.

Speaking on the initiatives, the Honorable Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Shri Conrad K. Sangma, said, “We are truly delighted to witness the impact that [24]7.ai is trying to bring about in Meghalaya. Their commitment to multiple community development projects that aim to empower our young men and women to be skilled and offer school children a better and cleaner environment is truly commendable. Through programs like ‘Project Udaan’ the Youth Skill Development initiative, and women skilling projects, [24]7.ai is making a tangible difference in the lives of our youth, equipping them with essential skills for a brighter future. We value their collaborative approach and look forward to furthering our partnership in driving positive change and building a stronger Meghalaya together.”

Expressing the company’s dedication to community development, Nina Nair, SVP and HRD Head, India & Americas, [24]7.ai and member of the [24]7.ai Foundation said, “Our journey in Meghalaya has been rapid. We now want to bring in transformative changes by bridging the talent and unemployment gap through which we can unlock a wealth of untapped potential and foster a generation that can adapt, innovate, and contribute meaningfully to the state’s workforce. Our aim is to provide quality education and vocational training to empower youth and women to foster sustainable economic growth. Another important endeavor, ‘Project Nirmalya’ is to provide proper sanitation facilities at schools for the girl child. We thank the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Meghalaya Shri. Conrad K. Sangma and his team for their support and hope that we can contribute positively to the continued development and welfare of the state of Meghalaya “

[24]7.ai acknowledges the crucial role of government support in community development. The company has received subsidized rental for training infrastructure for the youth skilling program from the Meghalaya government, further reinforcing their collaborative approach towards uplifting the community.

The company runs several initiatives for Corporate social responsibility under the [24]7.ai Foundation pan India. The table below mentions a few and the impact they have created so far:

Theme Project Location Impact across India
Youth Skill Development Project Udaan: Skill development program for youth to get them job ready for the BPO sector Bangalore & Hyderabad




435 underprivileged youth trained.

288 placed in the BPO sector

Project Nirmalya Clean sanitation facilities at Government schools Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and now Meghalaya Over 190 toilets set up
Education Scholarships to underprivileged children directly implemented by the [24]7.ai Foundation Karnataka, Telangana & Meghalaya Scholarships given to over 75 children, ensuring they do not drop out of school.
Education Scholarships to underprivileged girls for school education Karnataka & Telangana This program especially focuses on marginalized girls. We partner with orphanages, sponsoring school and higher education.
Education Scholarships to underprivileged girls for professional and higher education along with career coaching Karnataka This is a unique program where girls with meritorious backgrounds, who do not have the means to pursue higher and professional education can apply for the scholarship. The support is not limited to college fees, but also includes career coaching which would help them in their professional development.
Education Holistic development of Anganwadis Karnataka Provides quality pre-school education to underprivileged children. [24]7.ai Foundation is equipping 5 Anganwadi centers in rural Karnataka with pre-school learning curriculum and materials.
Sports Development Child prodigy development Karnataka Encourages young talent by supporting them with the required resources to nurture their skill.  We have been associated with Pranav Anand chess grandmaster since 5 years.


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