24K Gold Chunk: India’s Most Rewarding Digital Gold Saving App That Helps You Win Up To 5% Extra Gold

These days, most people want to invest their money into something that assures them of good returns. However, they often feel confused about what they should invest in. While there are many investment options around, investing in digital gold proves to be the safest option. The one company that has made investing in digital gold convenient and accessible for everyone is 24K Gold Chunk. Apart from making the process easy, Users can earn lucrative rewards in the form of GoldBacks

The Goa based Fintech start-up 24K Gold Chunk has been designed as a savings and investment app that enables users to save and invest an amount as low as one rupee in the form of digital gold and see it grow over a period of time. Abhishek Dalvi, the founder of 24K Gold Chunk, wanted to create an app that would not only make it easier for people to invest in digital gold but would also reward them.

Talking about the same, Abhishek says, “With time, more and more people are showing an interest in investing their money in different asset classes. However, they also feel a little scared about the risks associated in investment opportunities and remain concerned about losing their hard-earned money. Investing in digital gold is one of the safest options for investors. Through 24K Gold Chunk, we wanted to offer a platform to anybody who wants to invest their money in digital gold and gain from it in the long-run. Your investment journey can start with an amount as low as one rupee.”

On every gold purchase, you get to win extra gold. Users can also use Goldback Coupons for the same. It is the safest platform in India for investing in digital gold. Available in the form an app, 24K Gold Chunk caters to people from all walks of life. Users can start saving and embark upon their investing journey in just 30 seconds on Gold Chunk.

“Saving and investing are healthy habits that contribute towards making our future secure. Among other things, our goal is to inculcate this habit in our users. The world of investment has always been mired with uncertainty and fear. However, when people invest in digital gold through our app, they can expect their investment to grow and earn good rewards with time. We have made the process of making healthy investments fun and rewarding”, says the young entrepreneur.

The steps to gain early access on the app are quite simple and convenient. First, you need to visit goldchunk.in   click on the ‘sign-up’ option.

After this, you will be required to enter your mobile number, click on the ‘join’ option, spin the wheel and win exciting rewards.

By using a Goldback coupon, the user can get up to 5% extra gold.

In the near future, 24K Gold Chunk will be giving its users the option to invest in Gold SIP and digital silver, mutual funds This is one platforms that gives its users the opportunity to invest in 24K 999 pure digital gold which is 100% Hallmarked.

In the upcoming months, Gold Chunk’s target is to have 20,000 monthly active users and hit 40 lakh gross transactions value per month. The start up has partnered with a Mumbai based Digital Gold company Augmont Goldtech Pvt. Ltd. To offer Digital gold. Wealthchunk Investments Private Limited parent company of Gold Chunk has been recognised by Goa based start up Promotion Cell and start up India.

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