26/11 Mumbai Attacks’ Youngest eyewitness shares her journey on WION

In a poignant and exclusive interview with WION, Devika Natwarlal Rotawan, the youngest eyewitness and survivor of the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks, shared her harrowing ordeal. The interview, conducted by Nikita Jain, sheds light on the terror that unfolded on November 26, 2008, when 10 Lashkar-E-Taiba terrorists from Pakistan unleashed a 60-hour-long siege on the city.

Devika vividly recounted the tragic events that unfolded at the CST station, where she, at the tender age of 9 years and 11 months, witnessed the horrors orchestrated by Ajmal Kasab. As chaos ensued with bomb explosions and gunfire, Devika’s innocence was shattered as she saw people bleeding and a short-statured man, Kasab, displaying a chilling sense of joy while causing carnage.

The young survivor, who was shot during the attack, underwent six leg surgeries and spent one and a half months in JJ Hospital. Despite the trauma, Devika, along with her father, bravely identified Kasab in court on June 10, 2009. During the interview with WION, she also emphasized the transformation of her initial fear into strength over the years.

Devika’s resilience is further exemplified by her academic achievements—despite facing teasing at school with the derogatory name ‘Kasab,’ she successfully cleared her 10th exams. Her story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the power of inner strength.

The interview not only provides a first-hand account of the tragedy from the youngest survivor’s perspective but also highlights the aftermath of the attacks on individual lives. Devika’s journey, marked by pain, recovery, and triumph, serves as an inspiration for others facing adversity.

This WION exclusive interview offered a unique insight into the lasting impact of the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks and the remarkable resilience of those who endured its horrors.

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