4th Edition of the Good Air Summit emphasise on the Switch Towards Greener and Sustainable Energy Fuels

Experts at the 4th Edition of Good Air Summit emphasise on the Switch Towards Greener and Sustainable Energy Fuels along with Active Public Participation and Lifestyle Changes to Address Air Pollution and Improve Public Health

Delhi, 10th June 2024: The experts at the 4th Edition of the Good Air Summit unanimously agreed that Net Zero by 2050 is the only way towards a healthier future and protecting the environment requires mass awareness and pro-active efforts at the individual level to achieve a greater impact.

The fourth edition of the Good Air Summit, a groundbreaking event dedicated to tackling air pollution and its far-reaching implications for public health, brought together leading experts, policymakers, industry representatives, and advocates to explore innovative solutions and forge partnerships aimed at promoting clean air and sustainable development in the country.

Speaking on the occasion Justice Najmi Waziri, Head, Delhi Forest Committee & Former Judge (Green Judge), Delhi High Court said, “Unpolluted and clean air is essential for human health, protecting the environment is the duty of each one of us and not just the administration. Ordinary citizens have the power to initiate changes and initiate mass movements that can make difference in the upkeep of the environment and ensure environmental wellbeing.”

Air pollution poses a significant threat to human health and environmental sustainability, with far-reaching consequences for respiratory health, cardiovascular function, and overall well-being. As highlighted by recent studies, exposure to pollutants in the air can exacerbate chronic conditions, increase the risk of severe diseases, and adversely impact cognitive function, particularly among vulnerable populations.

Against this backdrop, the Good Air Summit and Awards have emerged as a pivotal platform for dialogue, collaboration, and action. The experts in the summit engaged in a series of sessions, covering a wide range of topics related to air quality, environmental health, carbon emissions and sustainable development.

Mr. Suyash Gupta, Director-General, Indian Auto LPG Coalition (IAC) while taking part in the discussion noted, “It is imperative for us to remain committed to driving transformative solutions and inspire the momentum towards Sustainable Development Goals. It is time we continue to work towards vision of sustainable, safer and inclusive world for the future generations.”

The Good Air Summit was followed by the Good Air Awards which honoured the most pathbreaking work in the domain of renewable and clean energy, clean and green mobility, green buildings and infrastructure, sustainable city planning, waste management and public air cleaning efforts.

Mr. Kamal Narayan, CEO IHW Council observed, “In addition to fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange, the Good Air Summit serves as a catalyst for concrete action and initiatives aimed at addressing air pollution at local, national, and global levels. By harnessing the collective power of greener fuels and sustainable sources of energy, the summit aims to catalyse transformative change and build momentum toward a healthier, more sustainable future for all where safe air is fundamental right for all.” He also added that the Good Air Awards serve as an inspiration for individuals and organisations to initiate action for environmental well – being and initiate positive action for the health of the people as well as the planet.

MG Motor India, AKUMS Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, The United Educational and Social Welfare Trust, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited and Saytrees Environment Trust were some of the prominent names that were awarded along with a host of other initiatives for their exemplary contribution towards the cause of environment protection.

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