5 Android smartphone hacks that will change your life

Nowadays smartphones have gone to and advanced extent than ever. The android phones we are using nowadays has everything and pack features like dual-cameras, fingerprint lock screen, heart rate monitors, IR blaster and what not. You probably don’t have awareness about every hack that’s instilled in your smartphone. You’ve no idea what your phone could od for you. Mentioned below are 5 Android smartphone hacks that will change your life forever.

  1. Get a Recycle Bin

We all know that once the data is lost from our smartphone, it is gone forever. But this is not the case anymore. Now you can simply download a Recycle Bin on your Android mobile similar to the one you use un PCs. Dumpster is the app where all your files get stored after you delete it from your phone.

  1. Double up the Charging Speed

Mobile charging is a pain for most of the mobile users. We know charging a smartphone while it is switched off speeds up the battery charging process. However, by simply turning on the Airplane mode you can double up the charging speed without the need to switch off your device. By restricting the network access to your device it will boost the charging speed.

  1. Use smartphones as Spectacles

Forgetting glasses at home is certainly a big crisis for a person having myopia. He/she will not be able to see anything clearly in the long-distance range without spectacles. Hence, he/she will have to take help of others to while commuting. In these situations, you can see things beyond your visible area by using your Smartphone’s camera. To get an image of your surroundings just zooms the camera.

  1. Check your remote controllers

When your remote controller doesn’t work do you ever get irritated? If yes, then you’re not the only one. They malfunction when the cell is drained out or dropped from a height. Infrared signals of the remote controller can be detected through your smartphone camera. Press keys on the remote control by pointing it to the camera lens. If your remote is working it’ll transmit infrared lights which will be visible in your Smartphone’s screen.

  1. Save chords from damages

Most of the smartphone users face the common problem of disconnection in chords. While usage chords of headphones, OTG cables, data cables and power chords are likely to get damaged. By rolling out the spring at the end of the cables you can protect it since the loose contact is at the end part of the wire.


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