5 education trends to look forward in 2024 Dr Radhika Y

  1. Diversification of courses: The establishment of foreign Universities in India could lead to a broader spectrum of courses being available to the students. This provides students with a comprehensive and globally relevant education.
  2. Growth of online and blended learning models: The continuous progress in technology is instrumental in shaping the landscape of online and blended learning, providing new opportunities for innovation and improvement in educational delivery.
  3. Increased focus on vocational and skill-based education: The NEP’s initiative to integrate vocational education into mainstream education, allows students to explore different vocational options, identify their skills, and gain practical knowledge along with academic knowledge.
  4. Rise of AI driven education: AI driven education holds enormous potential to personalize learning, engage students, and improve educational outcomes. 
  5. Student centric, adaptable education system: The NEP 2020 facilitates a personalized journey, empowering learners to navigate their academic paths with flexibility and agency.



Attributable to Dr Radhika Y, Associate Dean Academics, GITAM (Deemed to be University).


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