5 Entrepreneurs Breaking Societal Stereotypes with Innovative Startup Ideas in India

Creating waves with their innovative ideas in 2024, these entrepreneurs are not only building successful businesses but are also challenging the conventional norms of the society with their startup ideas.

Vineet Saraiwala – Founder and CEO

Atypical Advantage – India’s largest inclusive platform providing dignified economic livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities. Atypical Advantage, has been in the news recently, for significantly advancing disability inclusion by organizing over 400 workshops and achieving 100% summer placements for students with disabilities at IIM Bangalore and IIM Trichy. The platform also empowers artists with disabilities to gain global recognition through digital showcases.

Rajat Jadhav – CEO and Co-Founder

Bold Care – India’s no. 1 sexual health and wellness brand that offers solutions for the modern man who wants to get more out of life. Launched in July 2020 in Mumbai, the brand has rapidly gained recognition for its quality and reliability in the men’s sexual health sector. Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh, the face and Co-Founder of the company, supports Bold Care, adding star power and trust-factor to its reputation. With a firm dedication to science-backed solutions, Bold Care has gained the trust of more than 15 Lakh Indian men.

Sneh Binny – Founder

SaveEat Foods Private Limited – India’s first food-saving app, is proud to announce its groundbreaking platform aimed at combating food waste in the country’s vibrant hospitality industry. With a mission to create a sustainable future and foster a zero-food waste India, SaveEat is poised to revolutionize the way we think about food consumption.

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi – Founder

Kineer Services Pvt. Ltd – It was formed with a vision bringing about a Paradigm Shift for the members of the sexual minorities. Flipkart Foundation, in partnership with Kineer Services, has launched a project to enhance employment opportunities for transgender and LGBTQ+ communities. The initiative focuses on providing comprehensive skills training to 300 individuals, empowering them to meet job market demands.

Aditi Gupta – Founder

Menstrupedia – is a guide to educate people around the world, particularly in India, on menstruation. It was started by Aditi Gupta and her now husband, Tuhin Paul. Menstrupedia aims to help people understand the process of puberty in women and men in order to destroy myths around menstruation and normalize the biological process.

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