5 Reasons Why After-school Learning is Important

The education system in India has several facets to it apart from the regular school hours. While the time spent at school remains the most important period, other aspects like personal studies at home, homework, and tuition are equally significant. Broadly called after-school learning, homework tasks, and tuition ensure that students continue to progress according to the milestones laid out in school.

Although there has been a debate on the need for homework as an after-school activity, it continues to hold credence in the education system. Similarly, other after-school activities are important too. Here’s why.
24/7 Assistance From Experts
Students need to retain the concepts that they studied at school. For this, they are required to go through the learning material again at home. While studying at home, it is common to come across doubts or difficulties. During such times, students can rely on doubt resolution platforms like Toppr Answr to seek expert assistance all around the clock. These platforms provide verified solutions to students, thereby ensuring a smooth learning process for them.
Personalized Learning
Every student may have a different learning process altogether. Thus, it would be wise if they are given the freedom to study according to the process that suits them better. For instance, some students might prefer rote learning while some others might grasp the concept by preparing their own personalized notes. Personalized learning, hence is an important facet of after-school learning and should be encouraged by educators as well.
Interactive Learning
Some students have the habit of understanding concepts better using visuals. With an abundance of engaging videos available on the internet, students can retain the topic better and enhance their learning outcomes. Similarly, other learning options like group studies with friends after school hours instill the ideas of interactive learning among them. They get to understand the topic from different perspectives and remember it for a longer period of time.
Exam Preparation
Being attentive at school will not go a long way in helping students perform well in exams. They need to put in effort after the conclusion of school hours as well. For instance, students can refer to and solve previous year’s exam papers. This will help them assess their preparation. Students will get a better understanding of their strengths along with topics that need to be worked upon.
Boosts Confidence
The cumulative impact of after-school learning goes on to boost a student’s confidence directly. After-school learning helps them keep up to pace with the curriculum and prepare for the examination on a regular basis. Getting academic queries resolved instantly helps them stay doubt-free before the exams, thus avoiding unnecessary nervousness during revision days. All of these act as confidence boosters for the students as they take a step towards academic success.

After-school learning, when made fun and engaging, can contribute massively to a student’s learning process. Such activities help the students stay in sync with the curriculum and prepare for the examination simultaneously.

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