5 Reasons you need an effective and robust content strategy

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when discussing a business strategy or a new launch? What is the nature of business? Where is it located? What does it have in store for me? So basically, literature that would help comprise or explain more about the brand, right? So, what is the one word that summarizes all of the above: its Content!

Picture this, in today’s digital arena what is the first step you take when you wish to know more about a brand? You conduct a google search to find out more about it? A browse on Facebook or Instagram? Or a hunt for the website. Gone are the days when a digital presence was a luxury; In today’s date and age a good content rich digital presence is imperative for any business.

A content strategy makes for an integral plan for any business trying to scale up to a pan India presence or wishes to establish a global vision. An effective and robust content plan along with visual elements is sure to grab the attention and have a vision of the company with a long-lasting effect on the viewer.

This is what we call the power of content. The written words and a moving visual carry the impact that makes a brand story come to life and create a concept in the mind of the viewer. A brand image is the perfect marriage of content and execution of the visualized content. A consistent content strategy is a classic marketing tool that is the starter and the body for any business.

Whether an investor pitch or a well-articulated website, content is the true king with an indispensable power attached to it.

Although we totally agree that a marketing funnel is generally a mix of multiple activities to create the right business growth plan, we would take the liberty to portray our partiality towards content being the core of most stages of a funneled plan. Whether creating a top of the funnel brand identity document or a bottom of the funnel effective sales pitch, the core for it all remains the content that would be built around it while doing the same.

Would a salesman be able to sell a product without the perfect sales pitch in place? Or can a newspaper ad be created without the right content that would strike a chord with the audience or would a google ad run right without the right keywords punched in? Weaved together all the highlights in this piece seem to re-emphasize the vitality of a consistent and robust content strategy.

So do your business a favor and never undermine the value proposition that literature and visuals carry. Invest in a content plan for it, it’s going to go a long way as you grow your business.

A couple of content pieces that need looking into our listed here:
– Company Vision and Mission
– Business Growth Plans
– Website Content
– Press Releases
– Digital Ad Copies

Here are some ways you can take care of a robust content marketing plan:
– Hire a Content Marketing Agency to make the right content plans for your business
– Maintain Consistency when planning a Content calendar
– Invest in your content it’s not just a document it is the tool that breathes life into your business model
– Understand your audience and remember to communicate in the best possible way for them to be able to relate to your content strategy
– Narrow down on your content buckets, keeping your consumer personas in mind


(Nidhi Anand Batra, Founder, True North Agency)

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