7 Most Painful Things You Can Experience – Try Not To Scream

One of the key differences between a human and a machine is that we have the ability to experience pain. It is a part of our survival mechanism, which tells us that something is not right with the body. Pain helps us identify the problem area and take steps to fix it. Pain is also part of the healing process, which the body initiates on its own.

Pain that we experience can vary in intensity. It could be the pain from a minor bruise or much more intense such as one coming from a gunshot wound. For better understanding, here’s a look at some of the most painful things you can experience.

Kidney stones – These are usually calcium deposits that block the flow of urine. Kidney stones can cause extreme pain in the back, sides and abdomen. The pain is so intense that people usually have to visit the emergency room.

Back labor – Childbirth is extremely painful for most women. However, some women experience a greater intensity in a condition called back labor. It causes extreme pain that registers at the lower back area. It is often caused by the baby’s head pushing against the mother’s tailbone.

Trauma – Things like road accident, gunshot wound, sport injuries, etc. fall under this category. The pain in these situations comes all of a sudden, which is even more difficult to bear. Many people faint when they can no longer bear the pain.

Shingles – This not only causes blisters and scabbing, but can also lead to intense pain. Even people who may have been cured of shingles may continue to experience deep burning pain. This condition is referred to as post-herpetic neuralgia. If you are 50 years or older, it’s highly recommended that you get shingles vaccine.

Broken bone – This usually causes a sharp, stabbing pain immediately after the injury. A milder pain can continue for weeks, as the bone and soft tissues heal.

Toothache – Many people who were surveyed have said that toothache was the most painful experience in their life. And that’s not surprising because the insides of the tooth are filled with lots of nerve endings. Inflammation and/or abscess in the tooth can cause throbbing pain that can give you sleepless nights.

Cancer bone pain – This can put you in agony that you may have never experienced before. Cancer bone pain can come from bone cancer or other types of cancers that have spread to the bone. Cancers of the kidney, lung, prostate and breast usually spread to the bone.

Pain can be a subjective matter, as some people are able to cope up with pain in a better way. It can also depend on our experiences. For example, if you have experienced a broken bone multiple times, the intensity of pain will be less as compared to a person who experiences broken bone for the first time in their life. If you are experiencing extreme pain, it is recommended that you connect with a doctor. Try not to self-medicate, as it can aggravate the medical condition.

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