7 Movies That Can Change Your Life

Movies are usually for entertainment, but there are the ones that can also teach us some valuable life lessons. These movies can provide you with deep insights and allow you to gain new perspectives to life. If you feel stuck in a situation, these movies can also work as a ray of hope and motivate you to keep moving forward. Here are some movie suggestions that can change your life.

The Shawshank Redemption – This is probably the best motivational movie ever made. The story essentially tells us that no matter how difficult the circumstances might be, we have the potential to overcome all odds. The movie teaches us the importance of patience and doing small bits every day to achieve a bigger target. It also highlights the importance of having the right kind of friends.

Into the Wild – Depicting the adventures of a man in Alaskan wilderness, Into the Wild tells us the importance of being practical in life. While chasing our dreams is important, we need to avoid being reckless. There can be a contrarian message as well, in that, the movie might encourage folks to follow their passion irrespective of the eventual outcome.

The Truman Show – The movie encourages people to seek the truth, even when such a pursuit can create challenging situations in life. The movie shows that our lives may have another greater purpose that we are not aware of. It also revolves around the concept of creator and how our actions may be preprogrammed.

The Intouchables – Based on the story of a quadriplegic, this movie teaches us the importance of never losing hope. It tells us that hope can heal and we should always try to uncover new possibilities even in the most challenging situations. The movie also highlights the role of true friendship and humor.

Papillon (1973) – Inspired by true events, this movie explores an individual’s quest for freedom and the challenges that come in the way. This is probably one of the best prison escape movies of all time. It does not use technical wizardry as modern prison escape movies, but focuses on the practical aspects that make it worth watching.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – For people in love, this is one movie not to be missed. It explores the possibility of erasing one’s memory, so that the associated pain can be eliminated. The movie eventually tells that while other things may be erasable, feelings of love may go beyond random memory files stored in the brain.

Life is Beautiful – The movie tells us that life can still be worth living, irrespective of the hardships we may have to face. It highlights the strength of human spirit. It shows that even with shattered dreams, there can still be something valuable in the journey. The movie also shows the efforts parents make to keep their children safe and happy.

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