7 ways you can get HBO absolutely free

HBO gave us the most renowned shows like True Detective, Game of Thrones, and Westworld. But unfortunately, you need to spend a significant amount of money to watch these incredibly popular premium television series. Those who can’t make their budgets never get to experience these great shows. There are plenty of ways to watch HBO without paying a single penny some of which are mentioned below.

  1. Sign up for free trial on Hulu

You could be watching some free HBO if you have a Hulu subscription. It lets you add HBO for the same 7-day free trial. Don’t even have a Hulu subscription? Needn’t worry. They offer a 1-month free trial the same as Netflix. Just like you had a paid Hulu subscription you can add HBO to your account. By the end of the trial period, you can always cancel the trial to avoid subscription charges.

  1. Check with your Phone provider

You might already have free access to streaming services like HBO depending on your phone provider and data plan. For example, AT&T provides every Unlimited Plus plan customer with a free HBO account whether they have an AT&T video streaming service or not. If you don’t have AT&T streaming services, you can access the no-cost HBO on DirecTV Now’s or HBO Go’s app. The perk of being an unlimited data customer is you need not worry about being charged for a paid subscription.

  1. Watch Clips on YouTube

You could view a ton of HBO content for free on YouTube if you put in a little leg work. HBO talk shows are going to be the most accessible content. Most of the clips of talk shows are put on YouTube by HBO. You can catch the best parts without watching an entire episode.

  1. Call your Cable Provider

In an attempt to both gain new customers and steal customers from other cable providers they are likely to hand out freebies. Many of them offer HBO subscription keeping in mind its popularity. If you still have cable, call your provider and try to negotiate for a few months of free HBO. Just put it in their ears that the current package is too expensive and you’re thinking of switching cable providers. This leverage can be used to negotiate for free HBO subscription. You can always try again later if they refuse to do so.

  1. Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime

Did you know by using your Prime Subscription you can get HBO for free? Lucky if you have a Prime subscription. There was a rumour that HBO won’t renew the deal after it ended in mid-2018 with Amazon Prime. But Amazon Prime still offers you a 7-day free trial of HBO via Amazon. Don’t have a Prime subscription? Then, opt for the 30-days free trial which will grant you the same privileges that a paid subscription does.

  1. Sign up for a free trial on their site

Although it is not long enough to finish Game of Thrones, HBO provides 7-day free trial at their website. You can get pretty far into the show if you have the time. You will have 7 days of unlimited access to all contents of HBO as soon as you create your account. So, all the best! Go and make most of it. Make sure to cancel the HBO trial before the 7th day to avoid being charged for paid subscriptions.

  1. Share an account with friends/family

Why not share an account with a relative or a friend if you have already exhausted all other options? Ask your family or friends if they can add you to their HBO account. If that doesn’t work, ask if you could have their log in information so that you can use it when they are not using their account. This is the best way to get HBO for free beyond a limited time period. If you want to save as much money as possible, consider borrowing someone else’s account.

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