A great place to “Binge” (C-25, Stellar IT Park, Sector 62, Noida)

Review by PankajBansal

It’s great fun to explore exquisite flavors and aromas that can delight your senses. On one such journey, we came across “Binge Restaurant & Bar”, Sector 62, Noida. It was the usual weekend party for our group and we decided to try Binge, as it was near to our friend’s home and one of the happening places in Sector 62.

Décor & Ambience

The place looks sophisticated and sports a formal look and feel. As a matter of fact, one of my friends commented that “if you could replace the dining paraphernalia with some computers and cubicles, the place can easily be transformed into a corporate office, almost overnight”. Most of us agreed, and it occurred to us that the sophisticated corporate look and feel may be due to the primary target audience which happens to be corporate professionals working in Stellar IT Park.

The bar is separate from the dining area, which has its pros and cons. If you plan to spend more time in the bar and lounge area, we recommend you book in advance, since there is a heavy rush on weekends. We had to wait quite a while before we got our seats.

Food& Drinks

The menu offers a comprehensive range to choose from including popular picks from global, pan Asian and Indian cuisine. We ordered beer and quite a few starters since we had 10 hungry mouths to feed. The Bar menu is also quite diverse featuring an assortment of beers, whiskey, rum, vodka, wines, and classic cocktails. We could have explored the bar menu better, but we were running little short on the budget, so we decided to settle for beer.

The starters arrived just in time as we were starting to get restless. There was Meat Ball with Garlic Sauce,Shredded Lamb Szechuan, Crispy Prawns, Chicken Tikka Sizzler and MurghMalaiKabab. Our vegetarian friends settled for Flafal, Crispy Chilly Potatoes, and PaneerTilTikka. I would not want to comment on the taste, since i consider it a subjective matter, but we did devour them quite quickly and had to order a second round with some variations.

I guess we binged too much on the starters, so we were sort of already full when it was time to order the main course. However, we ordered some items from the main course, especially on the insistence of our hungrier friends. These were mostly from the Indian Main course that included PindiChana, RajmaRasmissa, NihariGhost and Jhinga Masala. We had these along with some Chapattisand Plain Rice.For desserts, it was a different item for each one of us, which was fun because we would nibble on each other’s desserts, just to see if it tasted better than ours.


Nothing much to say here, I guess the service experience was Average Plus. People serving food were helpful and orders arrived in reasonable time. The management seems to care about it customers and is willing to listen to any feedback that you may have about the restaurant.

Overall, I would give it a 4 star:

  • 4/5 for Décor & Ambience
  • 4/5 for Food and Drinks

4/5 for Service

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