AC Features that make monsoon enjoyable

The monsoon is considered one of the most beautiful seasons as it gives respite from the sweltering summer heat. However, it also brings excessive humidity along with it, which makes you feel even hotter. This makes the AC a must-have appliance in your home.

Hitachi Cooling & Heating India’s air conditioners come with a myriad of innovative features to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable during the monsoon season. Let’s have a look at Hitachi ACs’ smart and advanced features, which create an environment where you live in harmony with yourself even during the extremely humid monsoon days.

Dry mode

In the monsoon, the humidity level goes up to 80%, which makes the environment hot. Hence, it is recommended to run your air conditioner in dry mode. It helps in extracting moisture and dampness from your rooms, thereby removing excess humidity from the atmosphere. Apart from keeping the humidity levels under control, dry mode also helps in decreasing energy costs and carbon footprints.

Hitachi Cooling & Heating India’s Expandable Inverter ACs are the best for the monsoon season as they keep the humidity level inside your room under control without compromising on performance. Hitachi’s Expandable Inverter ACs can increase their compressor’s rotation per minute (RPM) from the standard rated RPM as and when required, according to the actual ambient conditions outside and load requirement inside the room.

4-way Swing for Uniform Cooling

Usually, ACs come with a 2-way (up and down) swing blade to disseminate cool air inside the room. But modern Hitachi split ACs come with the 4-way swing function (up-down + right-left), which blows the cool air in multiple directions to ensure thorough cooling inside the room. This 4-way air distribution system cools a larger area in a short span of time simply by adjusting horizontal and vertical louvers. This feature is extremely useful during the monsoon season when the humidity level rises and you need quick relief from the sticky and scorching heat.

Auto Cleaning Technology

Hitachi Cooling & Heating India’s unique FrostWash or iFresh technology in its Inverter ACs creates frost on the heat exchanger coil with the help of dew collected from air moisture. After some time, the frost then melts and drains out the dust particles, bacteria, mold, etc. Then, the coil dries up and becomes clean to offer fresh air again.

On the other hand, HitachiACs’ iClean+ Technology prevents dust accumulation and keeps the filter clean like new. It even checks the breeding of mold and bacteria that cause unpleasant odors and keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.

Odour-free Air (Auto Coil Dry Technology)

Hitachi’s unique Auto Coil Dry Technology keeps the indoor fan blower running for some time on standby mode whenever the AC is switched off with the remote controller so that it dries up the condensed water accumulated on the evaporator coil. It prevents the accumulation of debris, dust, and pollen in the form of condensed water droplets on the evaporator coil and keeps the unit dry and clean to ensure fresh and healthy air.

Hot and Cold Technology

Hitachi’s Hot & Cold ACs maintain the desired indoor temperature across a wide working temperature range from -15 °C to 52 °C. This ensures faster heating during winter while maintaining the right comfort level. The AC also provides uniform heating and moisture retention, even during the harshest winters. Its energy-efficient operation ensures that wherever you are in India, be it Kashmir, Cherrapunji, Jaisalmer, or Chennai, you will always be comfortable in your home. It keeps you cool during summer, provides a comfortable temperature during the monsoon, and keeps you warm in winter.

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