ACC’s Dairy Farming Program Elevates Women’s Economic Empowerment

· ACC and Adani Foundation champion self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship in rural India.

· The inspiring journey of Pala Saha, from financial hardship to a successful dairy farm owner, showcases the far-reaching impact of ACC and Adani Foundation’s initiative.

Bengaluru, 26 March 2024: ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group has made a profound impact in Dungri village of Bargarh district by providing crucial support to individuals like Pala Saha, enabling them to realize their aspirations despite facing financial challenges.

Pala Saha, a resident of Dungri village in Bargarh district, encountered significant financial hurdles within her family. However, through the steadfast Pratigyna Trust, a Self Help Group supported by Adani Foundation, she received a loan of Rs. 40,000. This financial assistance empowered her to embark on her dairy farming venture. Strengthened by her perseverance and dedication, this initial support marked a transformative moment in her family’s financial stability.

Over a brief span of two years, Pala’s dairy farm witnessed significant growth. With the addition of more cows and improvements to facilities, her farm not only elevated her family’s living standards but also enabled her to achieve personal milestones. Today, thanks to the impactful intervention of ACC and the Adani Foundation, Pala Saha owns seven productive cows, yielding a daily output of 30 liters of milk. This translates to a net monthly income ranging from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 13,000, highlighting the tangible impact of sustainable development initiatives.

Pala Saha’s inspiring journey serves as a powerful demonstration of the commitment of ACC and the Adani Foundation towards transformative change and women’s empowerment in pursuing their dreams. ACC and the Adani Foundation remain steadfast in their commitment to nurture self-reliance and drive positive change across more communities and empower individuals like Pala Saha to realize their full potential.

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