Actor Fahmaan Khan Reflects on One Year of Playing Ravi Randhawa in ‘Pyaar Ke Saar Vachan Dharamapatani’ with Heartfelt Note

Actor Fahmaan Khan recently commemorated a poignant milestone in his career—marking a year since he began portraying Ravi Randhawa in the television series “Pyaar Ke Saar Vachan Dharamapatani.”

Expressing his gratitude, Khan penned a heartfelt note, acknowledging the immense love and support received from devoted fans throughout this journey. Fahmaan took to his Instagram handle and wrote, “It’s been a year since I got to play this character. I don’t think anyone ( including me) had an idea of how many shades he was going to have. I am extremely thankful to the universe for every single character given to me.

I don’t usually share my work or scenes, but this was one scene that left me trembling post it’s shoot. I don’t really know what it was. Was it the intensity of the scene? or the fact that it went down in one take, and I felt every minute of what i was saying? or was it the fact that the entire cast and crew were clapping at the end of the take? Was it a combination of everything put together? I don’t know! But I remember I felt like I had never felt before.

This also reminds me that this show has given me so many such moments, moments I can never recreate nor forget.

To all who have loved and appreciated my work, thank you. And I promise to give it my all for as long as I am working.

#1yearofRaviRandhawa #blessed #grateful”

His portrayal of Ravi resonated deeply with the audience, earning him an ardent following who appreciated his dedication and authenticity in bringing the character to life.

In his note, Khan reminisced about the memorable experiences on set and the profound connection he forged with the character. He also empathetically acknowledged the fans’ yearning and affectionate messages, acknowledging their constant encouragement and expressing how much he misses being a part of their lives through Ravi Randhawa. As the show progresses, fans continue to reminisce about his portrayal, eagerly awaiting his return to the screens, reflecting the lasting impact of his performance.

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