Actress-Entrepreneur Sunny Leone Unveils India’s First AI Replica in Historic Partnership with Kamoto.AI

Mumbai, 11th Jan 2024: Entrepreneur and actress Sunny Leone, in partnership with Advanced Generative AI leader Kamoto.AI, has achieved a remarkable feat amid the transpiring technological advancements in the entertainment domain. The Bollywood diva has become the first ever personality from India to come up with her official AI Replica, which was launched at an exclusive event in Mumbai on Wednesday. The landmark launch of Sunny’s AI Replica was attended by actress herself, Kamoto.AI co-founders Toshendra Sharma & Rohendra Singh, and scores of influencers, among others.

Elaborating on the disruptive AI advancement, Kamoto.AI Co-founder & CEO Toshendra Sharma said, “Technologies such as Generative AI have significant implications across key aspects of everyday lives as well as businesses around today. It is about time the stakeholders in the entertainment and film industries took cognizance of the same and leveraged technology with a steadfast approach to offer newer avenues to the loyal fan base across the country and even beyond. We are elated to kickstart this unique endeavour with Sunny Leone, who as an achiever has scripted several journeys of aspirations and achievements, and assure that many more such landmarks are already slated to be unveiled.”

Expressing her excitement over her official Interactive AI Replica, Sunny said, “Introducing my official AI Replica is a new beginning of sorts, and I would reiterate here that in this phase of life, I intend to delve into avenues that I haven’t explored earlier, and that help me grow, in both artistic as well as business aspects. I thank Kamoto.AI for introducing my official AI version and hope that it would ultimately help me create a better bonding and rapport with fans from across the country.”

Sunny’s AI Replica & Clone is interactive & trained on her voice and personal data to deliver personalized experience. The AI Clone aka AI Persona of the actress can be interacted via Chat or Voice Calls through Kamoto.AI’s AI Character Marketplace available at Beside this, one can avail Sunny’s Elite Club membership, which would come with many benefits. Some lucky subscribers of the Membership would also get the chance to meet the actress in person while some of the other winners would be felicitated with merchandises. The announcement by Kamoto.AI assumes significance in the wake of its bid to unlock new avenues of revenue generation through Advanced Generative AI technology. Merely with a few clicks & quick training via private data, Kamoto.AI enables the creation of a virtual AI replica of anyone while its AI Character Marketplace facilitates its monetization.

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