Actress Pia Bajpiee Advocates Fitness and Health, Says, “Your Body is a Temple. You Treat it Right and It Will Serve You Well.”

The awareness around the importance of fitness and health has grown multifold over the past decade. It is all due to the many fitness advocates and practitioners who have dedicated their life to it such as the actress and now also, a fitness enthusiast Pia Bajpiee.

Pia Bajpiee is no longer the person we first saw her on the movie screen. She has come a long way since then and has tremendously improved as an actor, a person, and fitness enthusiast. Today, she is amongst the most fit actresses in the industry but not many know about her journey. So, we met her and asked her to share some insights about her fitness and how she sees it.

The actress says, “I did not wake up like the way I look today. It has taken years of blood, sweat, and tears to get me here. Ever since, I understood the importance of fitness and health in life, I have been working out everyday. Somedays I even cried in pain but I did not stop. I even changed the way and what I eat. And my fitness is not the labour of just me alone. It’s a team effort where my trainers and coaches have stood by my side.”

On the importance of fitness she says, “Our body is the most important thing anyone can have. It’s like a temple. If you treat it right then it will serve you well. Besides, what could be more important than one’s health, right? Also, I hear about how so many people are insecure about their bodies. I suggest don’t be. Own your body and love it. Afterall, if you cannot love it, nobody else will. And if you feel like you need to work on your body fitness just go for it, no questions asked. A fit and healthy body is a statement that you are comfortable in your own skin. Always reach for it.”

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