Add the perfect fun dash to your Holi bash with these 5 powerful speakers

The sky is colored in vibrant hues on the eve of Holi, and the air is filled with the invigorating scent of Thandai. Holi celebrations are all about experiencing the joyous atmosphere, which is best represented by the brilliant colors, delicious treats, and joyful expressions. The gatherings, however, risk losing their fun quotient in the absence of the ideal Holi playlist. Furthermore, even the best playlist won’t do much good if the speakers don’t make it sound amazing. Of course it becomes all the more important when you are hosting the Holi bash yourself. We have handpicked 5 of the best speakers that you should get home this Holi, to maximize your Holi fun. Take a look:

Pebble Sonic:
These elegantly designed premium speakers by leading smartwatch & audio brand Pebble are the go to options for superior audio quality. In fact, these tower speakers/soundbars, while adding to your home decor, make your music come alive – offering exactly what you need for that perfect Holi vibe. Pebble Sonic allows you to stream your music loud and clear, adding the thump with a Deep Bass Response and a 5.25″ powerful speaker drive woofer. What you also get is to toggle between equalizer modes, all with the comfort of a remote. Now since a Holi party is incomplete without the mandatory karaoke sessions, this one comes loaded with wireless mic karaoke. And when you indulge in feasting, you can simply switch to FM radio streaming. With USB compatibility, Pebble Sonic comes in three variants for different power outputs – Sonic 8 with 80W output, Sonic 10 with 100W output and Sonic 12 with 120W output.

Boat Partypal 300
In India, boat products are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Boat Partypal 300 is an ideal illustration of that with a poweful 120 Watt output. This incredible speaker promises to produce “monstrous sound” quality. You can party the night away with the speaker’s continuous music playback while the Flame LEDs on the front make your celebration most unforgettable. There is also a master remote to control all the features without bothering to get near the speaker. The best part is you can add to Partypal speakers without any wires, to add that extra thump while grooving.

Philips TANX200
You should go for this portable Bluetooth party speaker by Philips if you are among those who like loud, powerful sound with big bass. There are 2×2” tweeters and 2×5.25” bass drivers that power the speaker for the purpose. Adding glaze to the music are the party light effects that decorate the speaker. For an easy access and control, the buttons for volume, music control and lights. To ensure that the party doesn’t die down midway, the Bluetooth speaker is powered by one Lithium ion battery, which functions for as long as 14 hours on a single charge. This is in addition to an AC power cord and a remote control. It weighs 7.7 kg.

Sony MHC-V02
The integrated carry handle makes the karaoke-ready outdoor party speaker incredibly portable. Controlling the sound and light settings of the speaker is pretty convenient thanks to app-based controls. Additionally, the MHC-V02’s bluetooth interface allows up to three simultaneous device connections. There’s also NFC connectivity for wireless listening with a single tap. Thanks to the Jet Bass Booster that it has, this device reproduces bass quite effectively. Overall, the Sony MHC-V02 does a fantastic job of evoking a festival atmosphere.

Panasonic SCHT21GWK
These chic Panasonic speakers have small stereo inputs, RCA connections, and Bluetooth wireless technology, all of which contribute to their outstanding sound quality. To play desired MP3 tracks, you can alternatively use a USB stick. With handcrafted oak cabinets that promote a deep bass sound and crisp vocal clarity, the music quality is exceptionally high. It produces a crisp, strong 30mm sound. It features a swivel design on the interior and a flat, fashionable fold. Because it is lightweight, mounting it on the wall is simple. The Panasonic SCHT21GWK 2.1 Multimedia Speaker can be controlled with the included remote control.

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