ADSEI Summit Demands Centre Government to Frame New Guidelines for Direct Selling Industry

# In a Grand Summit organized under the aegis of Association of Direct Selling Entity of India ( ADSEI ) more than 50 companies put forth their demands.

# Summit held New Delhi

# Consensus on meeting with the Union Minister soon regarding the demands

New Delhi, 5th Dec, 2021:

The Association of Direct Selling Companies, Association of Direct Selling Entity of India ( ADSEI ) has demanded the central government to make rules regarding the direct selling industry so that chit fund companies can be cracked down. ADSEI, an association of direct selling companies, believes that after the rules are made, it will be easier for the direct selling companies working with the objective of creating employment, self-reliant India and vocal for local. Concerned about the repute getting maligned due to bogus chit fund companies, direct selling companies have now started coming forward themselves to crack down on chit fund companies.

In a solidarity meeting of Direct Selling Companies held at a five star hotel in Rohini , Delhi on Sunday, it was decided that a delegation of ADSEI would soon to meet the concerned ministers and officials of the Central Government in this matter.

Directors of more than 50 direct selling companies from across the country participated in the summit and discussed in detail the future plans and problems being faced by the companies associated with this business and their solutions. Hem Pandey, the secretary of the association and former secretary of the Union Ministry of Food Distribution and Consumer Affairs, considered the role of direct selling companies to be important in making the vision of self-reliant India come true.

BJP leader, MP from North East Delhi and former Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari, who attended this grand summit as the chief guest, said that surely due to some bogus chit fund companies, the businessmen associated with the direct selling industry, who are working honestly, have to suffer. Manoj Tiwari said that the good days of this industry have started since the Modi government was formed at the Centre. In the year 2016-2017, for the first time, the Modi government brought the guidelines for this industry, which the people of this industry were waiting for the last 20 years

Manoj Tiwari said that along with employment opportunities from this industry, self-reliant India, and indigenous products have been promoted. Manoj Tiwari assured the owners and officers of the companies present that he would convey the issues raised by the association to the concerned ministers and officers of the central government so that their problems could be resolved.

In the Grand Summit, the association put forth its demand before the central government and said that rules should be made as soon as possible regarding the direct selling industry. With the formation of rules, on the one hand, the people of the country will have confidence in this industry, while on the other hand, it will be easy to tighten the noose on the companies doing money rotation in chit fund.

Sanjeev Kumar of the Association, while speaking, said that along with the concept of self-reliant India through direct selling, the concept of Vocal for Local will definitely accelerate.

The association said that in a global pandemic like Corona, where the rest of the industry was down, the direct selling industry grew the most during that time.

On this occasion, it was decided to work for the cleanliness of the environment on behalf of the association. The association said that in view of the alarming situation of pollution, every section has to come forward for environmental protection and promotion. He said that the association would soon prepare an action plan in this regard and start work for environmental protection.

On this occasion Direct Selling Coach Surendra Vats, Happy Health India Director Pawandeep Arora, AWPL Director Sanjeev Kumar, Darjuv9 Director Jitendra Dagar, Shopnet Director Arvind Atri, Robe (ROBE) India Director Sanjeev Kumar also spoke on the occasion. Keeping it, expressed confidence to create maximum employment through direct selling.

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