Advancing Careers: M.Tech Specialization in Machine Learning & Data Sciences for Working Professionals

Pursuing a Master of Technology (M.Tech), a specialization in Machine Learning and Data Sciences offers working professionals a unique opportunity to stay ahead in their careers in the rapidly changing fields of technology. This advanced program has specialized knowledge in cutting-edge fields and builds upon a foundation in B.Tech (Computer Sciences and Engineering). Let’s examine the various specializations offered by this program, each designed to satisfy the needs of the ever-changing tech sector.

  1. General Specialization:

The general specialization ensures a well-rounded skill set for professionals looking to explore various avenues in the industry by covering a broad spectrum of topics for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of advanced computer science concepts.

  1. Cloud Technology & Information Security (In-Collaboration with i-Nurture):

This specialization explores the vital fields of information security and cloud computing in collaboration with i-Nurture. By developing their skills in the designs of scalable and secure cloud solutions, professionals can meet the growing need for experts in these vital fields.

  1. Application Development using Cloud & Analytics Platform (In Collaboration with IBM):

This specialization collaborates with IBM and focuses on application development through analytics and cloud platforms. Working professionals can use analytics to make data-driven decisions and improve their skills in developing creative applications.

  1. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning:

This specialization gives professionals the tools to create intelligent systems in response to the growing significance of machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). Candidates must have earned a B.Tech or MCA to be considered for admission to Teerthanker Mahaveer University (TMU) in Moradabad’s Master of Technology (M.Tech) program. In addition, a minimum of 55% in a relevant Master’s degree is required for candidates hoping to pursue an M.Tech. A legitimate GATE score is also an important entrance requirement, highlighting the university’s dedication to choosing applicants with a strong academic and competitive background in the discipline.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (In collaboration with i-Nurture):

This specialization emphasizes artificial intelligence specifically in partnership with i-Nurture. An in-depth study of AI techniques, algorithms, and applications is provided to participants, equipping them to tackle problems and develop solutions in this quickly developing field.

  1. Data Science (In collaboration with i-Nurture):

As data grows exponentially, organizations seek experts to extract valuable insights. Working together with i-Nurture, the Data Science specialization equips professionals to easily handle and analyze massive datasets and make defensible decisions using insights from data.

  1. Data Science (In collaboration with TCS-ION):

This Data Science specialization is designed in collaboration with TCS-ION to satisfy industry demands. By gaining practical experience with the tools and techniques used in real-world data science applications, professionals are better equipped to handle challenging data challenges.

According to Prof.(Dr.) Rakesh Kumar Dwivedi, Director & Principal FoE & CCSIT, TMU Moradabad

“You can embark on a life-changing journey with an M.Tech in Machine Learning & Data Sciences tailored for working people. A solid B.Tech (Computer Sciences and Engineering) base is built upon by this advanced program, which provides a variety of specializations. Whether a student chooses to study the General track for a general overview or delves into the specifics of Cloud Technology, Information Security, or Application Development in collaboration with industry heavyweights like i-Nurture and IBM, the program ensures real-world relevance. like alliances like i-Nurture and TCS-ION, and a focus on AI, ML, DDL, and data science, experts are equipped with cutting-edge competencies for the quickly evolving technological landscape.”


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