Agatsa Launches “Har Ghar ECG” Campaign with Heart Health Camp at RWA Hyde Park

Empowering Communities with Mass Cardiac Screening and Early Detection using their Point of care ECG tool ‘SanketLife’

Noida, 19 June 2024 – Agatsa, a med-tech innovation company, is on a mission to mass screen the urban population for heart risks and underlying diseases by conducting Heart Health Camps in various RWA societies in the Delhi/NCR region. Their first camp in this initiative is the camp at the RWA Hyde Park in Sector 78, Noida, U.P., on Sunday, 16 June 2024. This marks the launch of Agatsa’s breakthrough campaign, “Har Ghar ECG,” aimed at heart health screening.

The “Har Ghar ECG” campaign is to empower patients, laypersons, and medical professionals to explore innovative tech devices and AI to not only screen and detect underlying cardiac diseases early but also to monitor and manage the diseases regularly for a fitter society and peace of mind. Agatsa’s pioneering Indian innovation, SanketLife, offers a miniature,

pocket-sized, touch-based, fully medical-grade ECG device that transforms the traditional approach to heart disease alerts. With SanketLife, early detection of heart disease is possible, beyond the usual chest pain or other heart attack symptoms.

Rahul Rastogi, founder of Agatsa, quoted, “Agatsa’s aim, right from the beginning, has been saving people’s lives by promoting timely action before it’s too late. Traditionally, cardiac diseases are only detected when there is a severe symptom, and most people die during the first heart attack because they have ignored symptoms for too long. With our Har Ghar ECG Campaign, we aim to detect underlying cardiac problems with our device SanketLife save lives through timely action and intervention’ which works just by Touch. We seek support from various state governments to come forward and help us in our endeavor.”

Agatsa’s SanketLife provides instant ECG reports, with an option to receive a cardiologist’s opinion within 10 minutes. It is the world’s first leadless 12-lead ECG device, which is digital, connected, and easy to use, coupled with a mobile app. The device’s accessibility and convenience underscore the importance of early detection in managing heart conditions, potentially saving lives through timely medical intervention.

On the first day of the campaign, cardiac abnormalities were detected in residents of the society in Noida (Delhi/NCR). The patient was promptly advised and referred to a hospital for angiography and to begin treatment before it is too late. Hence, demonstrating the crucial role of early detection and life-saving intervention in cardiac cases, Agatsa aims to make preventive healthcare a household need, and Agatsa devices solve the purpose beautifully.

This initiative is launched in collaboration with Fortis Hospital with a well-known cardiologist present not just to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge but also to detect abnormalities and advise people on the right treatment.

The Heart Health Camp will feature screenings for ECG and stress levels using Agatsa’s advanced devices. Additionally, there will be cardiac consultations and an awareness talk led by Dr. Sanjeev Gera, Director of Cardiology at Fortis Hospital, Noida, alongside Dr. Hemant.

The camp commenced at 9:30 AM in the Club Area of Hyde Park, Sector 78, Noida, U.P., on Sunday, 16 June 2024.

Agatsa invites everyone to join and learn more about heart health and the critical benefits of early detection. If you also want to conduct such camps in your neighborhood, please contact Shantanu Singh at +91 94157 87209.

About Agatsa:

Agatsa, a MedTech Company founded by Rahul Rastogi and Neha Rastogi, is committed towards healthcare by providing top-quality services for all. Specializing in preventing cardiac diseases through early detection of behavioral risk factors, Agatsa emphasizes timely intervention and treatment. Its AI and IoT-driven platform, “SanketLife,”facilitates rapid assessment of cardiac health, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers.

Agatsa envisions a healthier world by offering effective digital healthcare solutions globally, particularly in cardiac health, to improve lives and eliminate stigmas surrounding overall health. The company’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare through technology, promoting health and wellness with quality monitoring devices. Founded in 2014 by Neha and Rahul Rastogi, Agatsa emerged from a desire to combat health risks and save lives. Rahul Rastogi and Neha Rastogi, with 14 years of experience, are dedicated to raising awareness about cardiac care and healthy living. Together, they embody Agatsa’s core values of excellence, teamwork, and inclusion shape the company’s purpose and guide its actions, evident in their revolutionary innovation of Agatsa’s SanketLife ECG and ongoing research for further innovative devices.

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