Agrijunction Announces a New Identity As ‘Gramik’

· The new identity reflects the brand’s ambition to empower every ‘Gramik’ with innovation, integrity, and thoughtfulness

New Delhi (India); 09 February 2023: Agrijunction, India’s first peer agri-commerce platform, has rebranded as Gramik. Gramik offers a wide range of high-quality inputs, complete crop guidance, personalized advice, and market connections to farmers throughout India. The new logo represents the brand’s goal of constructing a digitized rural economy and creates a unique identity by incorporating soil, farming, and the environment. The thumbprint from the former identity has been retained to maintain existing user relationships and brand loyalty.

‘As our business has transformed significantly since its inception, we felt the need to evolve our brand ethos and perception as well,’ said Raj Yadav, CEO and founder of Gramik. ‘Our brand’s core goal is to empower and transform rural communities by providing access to quality farm inputs, expert knowledge, technological advancements, and livelihood and business skills for farmers, women, and rural youth. We believe the new name will reflect our passion and commitment to every Indian farmer and related communities.

‘Our brand values understand the significance of soil, crop, and weather in agriculture, and that farmers can make informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with these factors,’ said Gaurav Kumar, co-founder and COO of Gramik.”

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