Aksha Kamboj, a leading lady of the conglomerate KBJ Group, shares her thoughts on women empowerment

Aksha Kamboj is an executive director at KBJ Group, a Mumbai-based multi-industry company. She is one of the leaders of the company which was founded by her husband Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya in 2005. Currently, KBJ Group has its expanding in agriculture, bullion, jewellery, investment, and real estate.

Aksha Kamboj oversees and regulates the company’s diverse ventures. After being committed to her kids Mishka Kamboj and Avyaan Kamboj as a full-time mother for 12 years, she decided to step into the business world. Switching roles after so long in life and managing multiple roles both in personal and professional life has been a challenging yet beloved journey for her.

Drawing value from her own personal journey and working with hundreds of other women, Aksha Kamboj recently talked about empowering women. She talked about the need for inclusivity in professional and social spaces. She also shared her thoughts on society and stereotypes. “We need to break the stereotype that women can either work or run a family. In the 21st century, women can do all that they want,” Aksha Kamboj said. Her husband Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya too believes in the same notion. Parenting their children Mishka Kamboj and Avyaan Kamboj has always been a shared responsibility in their family.

Aksha Kamboj further believes that women can achieve anything they wish to. The first step in empowering women is to help women believe in themselves and their capabilities. “Empowerment will happen only when women stop doubting themselves and opportunities are made accessible,” she further remarked.

Starting the practice from home, Aksha Kamboj and Mohit Kamboj ensure to raise Mishka Kamboj and Avyaan Kamboj in a holistic manner. The couple makes it a point to instill the values of equality and helping others in their children.


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