Akshay Chaturvedi, Founder CEO of Leverage.biz, Engages with External Affairs Minister on Educational Vision

In a recent social media update, Akshay Chaturvedi, Founder CEO of Leverage.biz, reflected on a meaningful interaction with Dr. S. Jaishankar, the Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs. This conversation offered an invaluable perspective on the intersections of education, innovation, and the trajectory of India’s growth.

Expressing his appreciation, Chaturvedi highlighted the opportunity to discuss Leverage.biz’s mission, driving principles, and the impactful vision they have for the future of education. The engagement with Dr. Jaishankar was not just an acknowledgment of Leverage.biz’s initiatives but also served as a pivotal source of inspiration for the entire team.

“Leverage.biz is spearheading a movement towards redefining access to higher education and career guidance, making it more tailored and accessible to all. Our dialogue with Dr. Jaishankar was incredibly affirming, pushing us to continually innovate and make a significant difference in students’ lives,” Chaturvedi shared.

The discussion also delved into the strategic expansions and future directions for Leverage.biz. Motivated by this interaction, Chaturvedi and his team are now even more dedicated to pioneering changes in the educational sector, ensuring that students worldwide have the guidance and opportunities they need to succeed.

As Leverage.biz strides into its next development phase, the support and encouragement from a key figure like the External Affairs Minister highlight the collective effort needed to enhance educational access and quality for the coming generations.

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