Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. Introduces InterSafe: A Revolutionary Threat Intelligence Platform Set to Transform Global Cybersecurity

Media OutReach Newswire – 7 May 2024 – Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. (ALSI), Japan’s leading web-filtering service company, today announced the global release of its proprietary threat-intelligence data via the InterSafe Threat Intelligence Platform.

ALSI provides proprietary categorized URL databases. This is used by Japan’s major mobile carriers, the Japanese government, and Japan’s top corporations. Furthermore, hundreds of our partners include leading security companies, service providers and gateway appliance vendors, and other tech companies provide our URL database by OEM all over the world.

New threat-intelligence data platform, “InterSafe Threat Intelligence Platform” delivers more than seven billion unique data points curated from proprietary sources.

The basic service consists of the Basic Threat-Intelligence package, which can immediately bolster the security of existing services, while the Advanced Threat-Intelligence package is ideal for analysis and reporting.

The competitive advantage of this service derives from its unique data sources (which enable the provision of a combination of public and proprietary data), its data-collection technology, and its dynamic-analysis approach, which always delivers the latest threat information.

This service can be easily integrated with others, allowing administrators to strengthen multiple security solutions of various descriptions—even over the course of a single day.


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