Amagi – Company Profile

A leading media technology company, Amagi started operations in India in 2008. Over the years, Amagi has expanded its footprint globally. It is now present in more than 40 countries with offices in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Toronto and Singapore. Amagi has its innovation center in Bengaluru and broadcast operations center in New Delhi.

One of the greatest strengths of Amagi is its pioneering cloud-based solutions especially designed for media and entertainment companies. Amagi offers SaaS-based technology solutions such as live as well as on-demand video infrastructure, as needed for TV and OTT platforms. Amagi’s products and services have been a great help to content owners and TV networks. With Amagi’s solutions, it has become possible to effectively manage the entire process, right from launch to monetization, across OTT, cable and ad-based TV platforms.


The idea for Amagi has a unique, interesting story that the founders like to share with great enthusiasm. One fine day when the founders were discussing potential entrepreneurial opportunities in a park, they were approached by a palmist. It is possible that the palmist may have overheard some of their discussions and assumed that they may want to know their future.

The unique ‘targeting’ strategy used by the palmist to identify his clients inspired the founders to develop targeting as a solution. Subsequently, the founders came up with ‘targeted advertising’, which was to be used on traditional TV. At that time, this domain hardly had any tech intervention. This provided an opportunity, wherein targeted advertising can be made accessible for small-time advertisers.

The founders carried out more research at global level and noticed that there was significant opportunity in this space. Even in locations such as United States where tech integration was present, the problem was that it was quite expensive and not scalable. With Amagi, the founders made the tech used in TV advertising a lot more affordable and scalable. Since then, Amagi has continued to evolve and is now a global leader in cloud-based media technology and infrastructure.


Amagi has received investments worth $250.5 million via 6 rounds of funding. Some of the key investors include Accel, Avataar Ventures, Nadathur Holdings, Norwest Venture Partners and Premji Invest. In the latest round of funding in March 2022, Amagi raised $95 million. Amagi’s valuation crossed $1 billion, making it a ‘Unicorn’.


Amagi has not made any acquisitions in recent years.


Amagi competes with rivals such as VideoAmp, Simulmedia, Wurl, Globecast, Evertz, Grass Valley, Yospace, OTTera and Viamedia.

About the founders

Amagi was founded by Baskar Subramanian, KA Srinivasan (Srini) and Srividhya Srinivasan. Baskar currently serves as the CEO of the company. He is a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded other companies like ImpulseSoft. Earlier, he had worked with Texas Instruments as a software engineer. Co-founder KA Srinivasan currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer whereas co-founder Srividhya Srinivasan works as Chief Customer Success Officer.

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