An Upgrade to Retinol: Kriti Sanon with HYPHEN Unveils Next-Gen Formula with Retinal Reset Serum

Key Highlights:

HYPHEN, a high-performing skincare brand, committed to simplifying skincare routines, introduces a groundbreaking product — the Retinal Reset Serum

Its rapid yet gentle action, acting up to 30% faster than classic retinol and delivering remarkably timeless skin truly sets the serum apart from the rest

Elevate your skincare journey right from the 20’s – the serum minimises fine lines, prevents early ageing signs and provides up to 80% collagen boost for firm & radiant skin

Available in two variants on the official website and leading e-commerce platforms

6th February 2024, India-wide release: HYPHEN, a high-performance skincare brand born out of the collaboration between industry leader PEP Technologies and Celebrity Entrepreneur Kriti Sanon, is making waves in the personal care industry with its diverse product portfolio. Renowned for simplifying skincare routines by hyphenating the power of nature and the potency of science, HYPHEN has now introduced the Retinal Reset Serum. Marking the brand’s first launch of the year, the Serum, available in 0.05% and 0.1% Encapsulated Retinal variants, stands as an unprecedented breakthrough in the Indian skincare industry.

What sets HYPHEN’s Retinal Reset Serum apart in a world where retinol has made its mark?

HYPHEN’s Retinal Reset Serum contains encapsulated Retinal, which acts up to 30% faster than regular retinol! The Serum is crafted meticulously with a unique blend of potent natural ingredients like Bakuchoil and Plant Stem Cells, along with active ingredients like Dipeptides, 2% Squalane, 10% Cica extracts, 7% antioxidant blend, and advanced scientific formulations to reset your skin’s clock and boost collagen production, promoting firm and radiant skin! The Serum is available in two variants, catering to both beginners and those accustomed to Retinoids:

0.05% Retinal Cream Serum Beginner – For someone just starting their retinoid journey, this is a gentle yet lightweight, non-sticky serum that reduces fine lines, preventing any early signs of ageing while boosting collagen up to 80% for firm skin, It also hydrates & soothes your skin with a high percentage of soothing natural ingredients

0.1% Retinal Cream Serum Pro – For people who have already been using retinoids, this serum is more potent and effective! It acts rapidly on minimising fine lines, preventing any early signs of ageing while boosting collagen up to 80% for firm skin. It also hydrates & soothes your skin with a high percentage of soothing natural ingredients

Check Kriti’s video here:

Having understood the pulse of the current generation, HYPHEN recognised the need to incorporate retinoids into skincare routines as early as the 20s. And acknowledging the evolving skincare needs of today’s discerning consumers, Kriti Sanon, Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer of HYPHEN, responded to the growing demand for Retinal over Retinol with the Retinal Reset Serum. She expressed, “Using retinoids in my night routine has been a game changer for me in the past 3 years! We at HYPHEN are excited to have created the Retinal Reset Serum with 0.05% & 0.1% Encapsulated Retinal. Unlike traditional Retinol, Retinal acts 30% faster, promising unparalleled benefits like an 80% boost in collagen while firming your skin, reducing fine lines, and so much more. If you haven’t started your Retinoid journey yet, it’s never too late to hyphen it to your routine!”

HYPHEN’s products are now available in 18000 pin codes. Consumers can purchase the Retinal Reset Serum in two variants – 0.05% and 0.1%, on the brand’s official website and leading e-commerce platforms, including Nykaa, Amazon, and Flipkart.

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