Angel One Emerges Among the Top 3 Most Visible and Recalled Brands of IPL 2024

Bengaluru, 03 May 2024 – In a highly competitive landscape of advertising and sponsorship during the Tata IPL 2024, Angel One Limited (“Angel One”), technology-led financial services player has soared to the forefront, claiming its position among the top 3 most visible and recalled brands according to data released by SCORE, an ad effectiveness measurement solution offered by Synchronize India. This achievement comes as a result of strategic marketing efforts and a profound understanding of the IPL audience.

Amidst a staggering array of over 200 brands vying for attention throughout the cricketing extravaganza, Angel One distinguished itself with a campaign that blended creativity with strategic placement. Leveraging the dynamic platform of the IPL, Angel One left an indelible mark on audiences across the nation.

The success of Angel One in securing its position as one of the Top 3 most visible (link here) and recalled brands of IPL 2024 underscores the efficacy of its marketing strategies. By adeptly capturing the pulse of the IPL audience, Angel One has demonstrated its prowess in making a lasting impression in a fiercely competitive environment.

SCORE, an ad effectiveness measurement solution offered by Synchronize India and Unomer, conducted a comprehensive analysis that encompassed robust sampling across Metros, Tier 1/2/3 towns, and tracking of over 200 brands throughout the IPL season. The findings revealed that Angel One was among an average of 15 brands being recalled by viewers across all properties.

As Angel One continues to forge ahead in the realm of marketing and advertising, its presence and resonance within the IPL 2024 serve as a testament to its ability to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

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