Anshula Kapoor debuts as an Author; first book to be published by Penguin Random House India

India-wide release, 08 February 2024: Anshula Kapoor, belonging to the famous Kapoor family of Bollywood, has steadily built her presence with her challenging and unique endeavors. Next coming up from the Entrepreneur-Philanthropist is her debut book, published by Penguin Random House India. The moving and candid book gives a glimpse of Anshula’s childhood, her constant struggle with her body, and the personal growth journey that’s helped her reach a place where she finally loves herself today.

In the book, Anshula explores the themes of family, body image, mending relationships and forming new bonds with her family, her bond with her brother Arjun Kapoor, among other things. She writes candidly about the pain of losing her mother to a bitter battle with cancer, growing up in a single-parent household, and how this has had an impact on making her into the person she is today.

“This book is a true reflection of who I am and the journey to becoming the person I am today. Writing this has been equal parts challenging, cathartic & exhilarating. Being raw, unapologetic & open about my emotions in front of the world is always terrifying, but my incredible editor, Radhika at Penguin, has championed my vision from the start and has been the most supportive partner every step of the way. She understands my zeal to be an author, and I couldn’t have asked for a better publisher for my debut book. Preeti’s belief in me has truly been encouraging, and this book owes its existence to both these impactful guiding forces. I am brimming with excitement for this next chapter and for the world to get to read it soon!” said Anshula Kapoor.

“Anshula is driven, has depth, and is honest. We need more young voices like these in literature. When I met her for the first time, I knew this would be an accessible and powerful coming-of-age story. We were happy to find a partner in Penguin who also saw the potential in this. Can’t wait to share this with the world,” said Preeti Chaturvedi, CEO of The Sunflower Seeds, the literary consulting company that represents Anshula.

“Anshula Kapoor has a fresh and effervescent voice, and I’m so proud to publish her debut work. She has the rare gift of being unapologetically herself, and her writing has a raw, human quality through which she strings her story of love, grief, making amends, accepting her body, and living a life far from ordinary,” shared Radhika Marwah, Executive Editor at Penguin Random House India.

Young and vibrant, Anshula is very relatable on Instagram, where she has upwards of 700,000 followers.

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