As India Creates History, ISRO’s Triumph with Chandrayaan 3 Garners Enthusiastic Acclaim from Top Experts on National Geographic India

Spacefarers Rakesh Sharma, Sunita Williams and Chris Hadfield and science communicator, Srijan Pal Singh, share their well-wishes for the success of the mission during National Geographic’s live telecast Chandrayaan-3 #countdowntohistory
Srijan Pal Singh, Science Communicator

In conversation with National Geographic, he expressed, “I would like to congratulate all scientists, technicians, mission managers, everybody at ISRO and the entire country. I think the whole country has galvanized behind this mission. There was much more fervour even more than the world cup. I wish next generation to not only follow the footsteps which we have laid but also go much further inspired by Chandrayaan-3 and much more to come.
He further added, “Eventually in 15 years or so, we will be landing the first Indian man or woman on the moon, so that is our future. The entire private industry of India will see a huge boom following Chandrayaan-3’s successful mission and we can expect a lot of jobs, opportunities and a lot of enterprises for youngsters across India.”
Rakesh Sharma, First Indian in Space

Celebrating the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 during live telecast on National Geographic, Rakesh Sharma expressed, “I am not surprised, because I knew deep inside that ISRO will make it this time. I am already a proud Indian and I have become a prouder Indian now”. He further added, “I knew ISRO will iron out all the challenges faced by Chandrayaan-2 and will make this mission a success. Sharing his excitement, he mentioned “I think I was born a little early because I’m already 75 and remarkable era of space exploration programs begins now but as an Indian, I join my hands and congratulate ISRO for the great success.”

Sunita Williams, Nasa Astronaut
During the live telecast on National Geographic, Sunita said, “Congratulations for a great moon landing. I’m so looking forward to seeing the scientific research that should come out of this landing and the rover taking samples. It’s just going to be another great step in being able to have a sustainable living on the moon. Many Congratulations!”
Chris Hadfield, Former Commander of the International Space Station
In a live conversation with National Geographic, he mentioned, “So, proud of everyone in India to watch this successful landing of Chandrayaan-3. It’s a historic and amazing event. ISRO was able to send a probe to not only get to the moon but descend and land on the surface and especially start to investigate and explore the most interesting parts of the moon down towards the south pole. It’s pivotal to history, not only biologically, but also culturally to the world.”
He further added, “It’s a significant step for all of us and India is right at the forefront of that. It’s a very exciting and prideful day and I am really delighted for everybody in India that they can look up and see the moon differently because of Chandrayaan-3.”

National Geographic India and Disney+ Hotstar captured the nation’s attention through Chandrayaan-3’s planned landing with a special live feature which was live telecast at 4pm today. The show provided unprecedented access to viewers to experience the nail-biting event, it also provided exclusive insights from eminent personalities such as Chris Hadfield, Srijan Pal Singh, Sunita Williams, Rakesh Sharma, S. Somanath and many others about the mission’s significance for India and its importance.

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