Asha Workers applauds 108 Ambulance’s roles in Institutional Delivery operated by Ziqitza Healthcare

Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL) has been a pioneer in providing emergency medical and transport services in India since 2005. The concept behind its formation dictates that no person should ever lose their life due to delays in the arrival of emergency services.

Through a track record of serving 4.6 million people and handling 12lacs number of pregnant women transfer both in rural and urban across India, Ziqitza Healthcare limited has often drawn many accolades from the public throughout the state.

Being said this, Ziqitza is closely Associated with ASHA workers who act as a bridge to connect the marginalized communities to healthcare. ASHA workers play multiple roles of healthcare facilitators, health activists and service providers. For Instance, ASHA workers call for an ambulance by Dialling 108/102 Ambulance in case of any emergency or pregnancy related emergency. ASHA works applauds the 108 roles in Institutional deliveries thus reducing Maternity Mortality rate.

Expert’s team at Ziqitza Limited says, Transport of pregnant women to an appropriate health facility involves its own set of challenges & guidelines and plays a pivotal role in preventing maternal deaths. It is estimated that at least 15 % of all pregnancies will encounter complications and 7 % will be serious enough to require referral to a higher level of care. 108 ambulance services is transporting pregnant women routinely and obstetric emergencies in India.

Dr. Datar – Medical Director at Ziqitza Healthcare remarked, “Most maternal deaths could be prevented if women are assisted by skilled EMT in ambulance at birth and those experiencing complications could reach quality emergency obstetric care in a timely manner.

Ziqitza operates ‘108’ ambulance systems in multiple states in India, consists of Trained Paramedics & skilled EMT in ambulance that provide transport services for pregnant women. It all starts when 108 receive a call for the transfer of pregnant women to the hospital for delivery or any other problem related to pregnancy. An ambulance moves to the location with well skilled EMT who deals with any kind of emergency during the transfer of pregnant women patient. EMT carefully board the patient in the ambulance with use of stretcher and advice patient to take left lateral position so she can feel comfortable during transfer. Thoroughly examination of the patient and vitals are taken by EMT while moving towards the hospital. In many cases it is Asha workers who informs 108 Call Centre about the delivery case and travels with the patient to the hospital. They also help the mother and child for multiple vaccinations through the maternity and post maternity.

EMT provide assistance to the patient for the birth of baby because she cannot push her baby out herself if the delivery occurs in ambulance and if EMT feel any difficulty during the procedure he can contact the Doctor through calling 108. These are very rare cases when the ambulances are called very last minute and the pregnant women water pipe breaks.

A brief physical exam is done to check for obvious signs that the baby and mother is healthy and shift both of them to the nearby government hospital for further care. Similar observations were made by the team at Ziqitza Rajasthan.

Ziqitza Healthcare Limited’s Business Head – Mr. Chandan Datta said, “EMT’s of 108 Ambulance plays a very important role to deals with any kind of emergency during the transfer of pregnant women like delivery of baby in ambulance or to handle any other complication and similarly take care of baby after birth, hence play a major role to lower down the maternal mortality in India. In our endeavour to increase institutional deliveries in hospitals Dial 108 work along with large force of over 1 lac Asha workers across India and appreciates their support to Ziqitza in ensuring timely call for transfers.”

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