Ashok Leyland introduces ‘Sarathi Suraksha Policy’, Comprehensive Insurance Policy for Drivers

Chandigarh, 3rd June 2024: Ashok Leyland, the Indian flagship of the Hinduja Group and one of the country’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, today announced the launch of ‘Sarathi Suraksha Policy,’ a comprehensive insurance policy aimed at safeguarding the driver community.

The “Sarathi Suraksha Policy” provides coverage of up to INR 10 lakh per chassis for accidental death, permanent and partial disability. This policy covers other aspects such as accidental hospitalization and special education bonus for children.

Effective from 1st June 2024, this insurance policy applies to all Intermediate Commercial trucks (ICV), Haulage, and Long Haulage trucks invoiced to customers, at no additional cost. The ‘Sarathi Suraksha Policy’ is classified as an “Unnamed GPA (Group Personal Accident) Policy,” which covers any driver operating an Ashok Leyland vehicle, providing comprehensive protection for the drivers.

Mr. Shenu Agarwal, Managing Director & CEO of Ashok Leyland, said, “At Ashok Leyland, we deeply value the contributions of our drivers to the logistics and transportation sectors. The ‘Sarathi Suraksha Policy’ is a testament to our dedication to their safety, security and well-being. This initiative not only underscores our commitment to our drivers but also aligns with our broader vision of fostering a safe and supportive ecosystem for all our stakeholders.”

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, President, MHCV, Ashok Leyland said, “Ashok Leyland demonstrates its steadfast commitment to the welfare of our drivers by introducing the ‘Sarathi Suraksha Policy.’ We recognize the importance of the driver community, and with this insurance coverage, we hope to improve their quality of life further.”

Ashok Leyland continues to set industry standards by prioritizing the interests and welfare of the driver community, cementing its position as one of the leaders in the commercial vehicle market. The ‘Sarathi Suraksha Policy’ showcases Ashok Leyland’s commitment to the health and welfare of drivers who form the cornerstone of the transport sector, contributing to its growth and development.

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