ATEN Introduces CM1942 KVM Switch for Multitasking with Seamless Workflows between 2 computers & 2 Displays

One dual-view USB / HDMI console controls two DisplayPort computers and two USB 3.1 Gen 1 peripherals

ATEN Advance, the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, have introduced CM1942 KVM Switch for multitasking with seamless workflows between 2 computers & 2 Displays. CM1942 will help organisation and its employees in current ever evolving hybrid working environments. The key to tackling hybrid challenges is to elevate multitasking abilities. When it comes to performing multiple tasks simultaneously, ergonomics is what assures productivity. And when communicating with dispersed remote teams, effective collaboration tools are crucial. CM1942 is a future-proof mini matrix KVM switch featuring flexible and boundless KVM switching between two computers/displays to maximise workstation efficiency. It provides speedy peripheral data sharing, audio mixer, multi-screen efficiency and hot-desking agility. The CM1942 promotes a productive yet better normal with streamlined desktop workflows for both desktop tasks and collaborative work.

Major Features of the CM1942:

Exceptional 4K Audio-visual Performance
The CM1942 empowers desktop operations with connectivity to two DisplayPort computers and two HDMI displays, providing a remarkable user experience with exceptional 4K audio-visual enhancement.

Dual-Display Setting to Facilitate Matrix KVM Switching
The CM1942’s dual-display setting simplifies KVM switching in a 2×2 computer/monitor matrix. The main and extended desktops of either computer with the current KVM focus can be displayed over two monitors. Likewise, each computer’s content can be displayed on either monitor separately in a crossover configuration as well, regardless of the KVM focus.

Intuitive Boundless Switching to Expedite Desktop Operations
The CM1942 enables quick switching between two computers by allowing the mouse cursor to move across the screen borders onto another screen instantaneously, for easy and straightforward switching between sources.

Audio Mixer Mode to Enhance Situational Awareness
Sound can serve as a helpful alert for better situational awareness while multitasking. With the Audio Mixer mode in place, the audio and sound coming from both computers can be mixed up in one output during all desktop operation, regardless whichever computer you’re working on at the moment.

Flexible Port Selection
Port switching with the CM1942 is flexible and one can choose from pushbuttons, hotkeys, mouse and the remote port selector, whichever works best for you and your workflows.

Peripheral Sharing
Media and data sharing between computers is fast and effortless via plug-n-play connection (e.g. hard drive, flash drive, printer, etc) to the USB hub on the KVM switch.

The compact CM1942 is best suited to multitasking operations in any desktop workspace setting where streamlined workflows and collaborations are pursued.

Details of all above mentioned features can be found in link below:


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