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UrbanClap– Company Profile

UrbanClap is a leading online marketplace for local services such as repair & maintenance, home cleaning,  homecare &design, pest control, packers & movers, business services, event management, weddings & party management, health &wellness, salon, etc. UrbanClap was founded in 2014 and it is headquartered in Gurugram. The company has grown significantly since its launch and currently it offers more than ... Read More »

How to Delete Data Forever

In the digital age, our confidential and private data is often stored in multiple devices such as mobile phone, computer, laptop, and tablet PC. It could be our bank documents, property documents, identity cards, certificates, photos, videos, etc. If someone else gains access to your confidential data, it can create major problems for you. You could be harassed or even ... Read More »

What is Blockchain

Blockchain can be described as an open distributed ledger containing records of economic and financial transactions. It can be programmed to record all types of transactions that have some value. One of the best things about blockchain technology is that data once entered in the blockchain database is impossible to alter or manipulate. Only new data can be added to ... Read More »

What Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

Asking relevant questions at the end of aninterview can contribute significantly to your chances of getting hired. If you ask the right questions at the end of aninterview, it shows that you are interested in the job. On the other hand, if you don’t ask any questions, it reflectsyour disinterest. This can leave a negative perception in the mind of ... Read More »

How to Access Android Apps on PC

Mobile apps have become an integral part of the digital landscape, as they are being used for a wide variety of purposes such as playing games, getting information, entertainment, booking tickets, accessing various tools and services, carrying out banking transactions, etc. However, due to the limited screen size of mobile devices, users often feel the need to access mobile apps ... Read More »

Indians at the Olympics

India has a long history at the Olympic Games, extending to more than a hundred years. The first time India participated in the Olympic Games was in the year 1900. In its first year at the Olympics, India had sent only one athlete, Norman Pritchard, who won two Olympic Silver Medals in Men’s 200 meters and Men’s 200 meter hurdles ... Read More »

Why the Olympics HasFive Rings

The biggest sporting event on planet earth, the Olympic Games are organized every four years. The Olympics comprise both Summer Games and Winter Games, which are held alternatively with a gap of two years. The Olympics witnesses the participation of thousands of athletes from all across the globe and winning an Olympic medal is a matter of great prestige for ... Read More »

Sex During Pregnancy

Most couples wonder if sex during pregnancy would be harmful for their partners or the unborn child. While different opinions exist, most medical experts agree that sex during pregnancy is completely safe. This is especially true in case of women who have been examined by their doctor or caregiver and it has been ascertained that it’s a normal pregnancy. However, ... Read More »

How toConceive a Baby Boy or Baby Girl

All children are god’s gift and it would be inappropriate to differentiate between a baby boy or baby girl. However, there may be certain situations and personal preferences that may prompt couples to choose a specific option. For example, if a couple already has a baby boy, they may want their next child to be a baby girl. This is ... Read More »

PAN Center

A PAN center provides a regular source of income and it remains unaffected by cyclical ups and downs in the economy. Moreover, with the government’s focus on increasing tax compliance and curbing money laundering and black money, PAN has been made mandatory for a wide variety of transactions. Such requirements are to be followed by individuals as well as corporate ... Read More »