Auto Enthusiast Nishmanya Bahadur Embarks on Epic 6000 km Road Trip Across India’s Golden Quadrilateral

Renowned auto enthusiast and YouTuber, Nishmanya Bahadur, has just announced his next big adventure: a solo road trip covering the iconic Golden Quadrilateral, stretching over 6000 km. Having started from Mumbai on February 12th, he aims to complete the journey in just 15 days, returning to Mumbai on February 26th, 2024. With a passion for travel and numerous road trips under his belt, Bahadur is no stranger to the open road. His YouTube channel, ‘NB Drives’, boasts a dedicated following eager to join him on his latest escapade.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the trip, Bahadur shared, “On this epic trip, every turn of the road shows something new, like turning a page in a book. It’s not just driving; it’s finding stories waiting to be told. Going down the highways, meeting people, and learning about our rich culture – it’s a chance to make memories that last forever.”

He added, “This year, I wanted to challenge myself and my YouTube channel. After thinking a lot, I decided to take on the Golden Quadrilateral. It’s special because it connects Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai, and 2024 marks 25 years since it began! Even though I’ve done many long road trips before, this one is going to be the most memorable. Covering so much ground in just two weeks? It’s going to be a huge adventure!”

The Golden Quadrilateral, conceived by Prime Minister Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 1999, serves as a vital artery connecting key economic, agricultural, and cultural hubs across India. Forming the shape of a quadrilateral, the Golden Quadrilateral comprises Delhi (north), Kolkata (east), Mumbai (west), and Chennai (south) as its vertices. These extensive highways, encircling India, are primarily engineered to reduce travel durations between major urban centres.

As Bahadur hits the road, he wants to show more than just pretty views. He’s after the thrill of each mile. With his camera, he’s not just focusing on roads; he’s uncovering the tales of the folks and spots along the way. He’s turning this trip into a colourful adventure filled with stories of culture, history, and the human touch.

At just 26 years old, Bahadur brings a fresh perspective to the world of automotive journalism, blending his years of writing experience with the dynamic platform of YouTube. His mission? To deliver engaging, well-researched content that informs and inspires fellow enthusiasts about the exciting world of automobiles.

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