Beard Styles for Bald Men to Rock

Having beards can add some style to your baldhead. Beards make the man look more manly and stunning at the same time. However, beard styles can be challenging to select because different people grow their beards differently. Some men can grow a full beard, while others are scruffy and scattered.

When choosing the beard style to keep, choose one that suits the size and shape of your face and head. This is because a beard can tamper with your overall look. Before asking your stylist to suggest a beard style for you, we have some beard styles to peruse. You could land one that interests you.

  1. A full Beard With A Fade

When you consider your head and face shape, you will more likely choose a type of beard that suits you appropriately. Full beard styles never go wrong with baldheads. You can keep it long or short and add a fade that starts from the upper edges downwards. This style is great for men who can grow full beards without struggling.

  1. Scruffy Beard

If you are among the men that cannot grow a full thick beard, take advantage of your scruffy one and style it. This beard style grows in patches leaving some skin. You can leave it to grow longer to hide the patches; it won’t look unkempt. Also, consider pairing the style with a mustache like a handlebar.

  1. Simple And Full

You don’t have to make your beard style complicated. A simple and full beard on a bald head is an excellent way to go. It gives you the looks and makes you feel more masculine. According to MensHaircuts, this type of beard is also not picky with the face shapes, although you have to be careful. The beard style can be worn by men of any age, even those over 50 years.

  1. Short And Simple

If you don’t like your beard full and long, you can trim it into a length that you can easily maintain. Short beard styles require less effort to style and maintain. You just need to visit your stylist weekly to give your beard a cut. However, the frequency of your barber’s visit depends on how fast your hair grows. So, this beard style would most fit guys whose beard doesn’t grow fast. After all, you don’t want to keep going to your barber for trimming your beards now and then.

  1. Anchor

An anchor is a short beard type for bald men. This beard style features a beard that grows from the lower lip to the chin, straight lines, and a goatee. Pair it with a mustache to make it look complete. The beard resembles an anchor hence the name.

  1. Clean Shaved Lines

Getting your beard line clean shaved makes the look of the bald head elegant. These beards are thick and complete, and the hair on the cheeks is shaved to make the lines more visible. You can pair the bold lines with a short and simple mustache.

  1. More Length

If you are obsessed with your beard’s length and don’t want to trim it, there is no problem because having length is also a style. This is a perfect beard style for people with round and square faces because it lengthens their faces. If you don’t like long sideburns, you can let the length be at the chin.

  1. A Viking Vibe

The Viking beard involves growing the facial hair longer. These beard styles are easy to groom because you won’t be required to groom them after attaining a certain length. You can also choose to braid the beard. This beard style goes well with clean-shaved heads.

  1. Stylish And Classy

Bald hairstyles will look too quiet and boring without a beard. The best way to make your style pop is by growing a full beard. You can choose a long or short one. This beard will make you more muscular and define your jawline better.

  1. Long And Full

If you are lucky to have hair that grows into inches and full, you can try the long and full type of beard. Shape your beard to get the unique cut you can use as your signature and bring out the best angles.

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