Bhojpuri Actress rocked the birthday party of Bhojpuri actress Ayushi Tiwari

Patna_By Shubham@Nirala

The birthday of Bhojpuri film industry’s popular actress Ayushi Tiwari was celebrated with great pomp in Mumbai late at night. During this, many film stars were present, who made a lot of noise on the birthday of Ayushi Tiwari. Along with this, many congratulations and best wishes were also given to him on his birthday.

In the birthday of Ayushi Tiwari, mainly Bhojpuri villains Avdhesh Mishra, Amrish Singh, Ram Sujan Singh, Sanjay Bhushan Patiala, KK Goswami, Aisha Kashyap, Priyanshu Singh, Kishan Tiwari, Manish Chaturvedi, Ashish Maheshwari, Vishnu Shankar Belu, Manish, Devnath Abhishek, Nisha Parikh, Balwant Rohit Singh etc. were present.

Let us tell you that these days in Bhojpuri cinema, Ayushi is ruling the hearts of the audience in the film world with her talent, superb acting. The demand of actress Ayushi Tiwari is going on in Bhojpuri film market these days. His name remains in the top in a

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