Big disclosure in JDU leader Deepak Mehta murder case, four people arrested, murdered in land dispute

Patna, By_ Shubham @ Nirala

Big disclosure has come to light in JDU leader Deepak Mehta murder case. Patna SSP Manav Jeet Singh Dhillon while exposing the matter said that the leader was murdered due to a land dispute. In which four accused were arrested. Let us tell you that Deepak Mehta used to do the work of land documents along with politics. They had business in many areas of Patna. In which there was a dispute about two plots.

In this sequence on two disputed plots out of which one biscuit factory is located at More, New Mithila Road, Danapur. This plot is of 52 kattas. Apart from this, there is a plot of second 29 kattas. Which is on the canal Ramji Chak Digha. He was having a dispute with some criminals regarding this for the last two years. He was murdered because of this controversy. Information was also being collected by the police regarding the activities of the old criminals released from the jail and the criminals of the border district. There was a difference of opinion with the former partner regarding both the disputed land.

The mastermind of this murder is Ravi Gop, the other is Umesh Kumar alias Umesh Rai. These people have carried out the incident in association with professional criminals. Ravi Gop along with some criminals carried out this incident. In this incident, a stolen bike was used to kill Deepak Mehta. The accused themselves have admitted this fact.

In this case, four people namely Ravi Gopal, Raju Kumar Sahini, Manoj Kumar, Mohd. Azad Hussain alias Pintu has been arrested with a weapon. Please tell that Ravi Gop was in jail for a long time regarding this matter. While Manoj Kumar, Raj Kumar Sahini and Mohd. Azad Hussain All three already have criminal history. It was told that after Ravi Gop was released from jail, he carried out this incident with the help of four people. In this incident, suitable country-made pistol two live cartridges 4 used in the incident bike FZ have been recovered.

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